Good morning and welcome. I’m your host Douglas Screen and this is another edition of the macro meals podcast and download and for you Tulsa meal delivery people out there viewing, uh, what’s up, how’s it going? Vlog cast the Vlog cast and as always joined by the none other multi hat wearing Mr Josh rise without a hat on to them. Yeah, there’s a too many to choose from. I couldn’t choose. So on today’s show, what we’re talking about as the topic is of of overeating, I don’t have that problem. I’m actually a perfect human being. Yeah. I find it funny cause I can go for a long time and be slamming it and then all of a sudden I just want the whole Peta is that because you do it, you’re in a minute. Fasting. Maybe a might have to do within a minute. Fasting. It also just like training cycles. Sometimes when you go hard also it’s, it’s a emotional thing.

You know, if you’re at a bad day, you just want to slam some food. [inaudible] that’s kind of part of what some of our topics are, you know, uh, you know, food is usually not the main case of food addiction or, or over eating. Right. It’s usually an emotional states or not. Something happened, got fired. Your wife ripe kicks you in the Jimmy and eating this cake. There’s enough stuff to go on in the day to make us want to eat food for sure. Cause you know, so the one way that he could stay on track, Josh, if you went to macro meals yes. Very good portion control with macro meals. Yeah. We do a 30%, well let’s 30 to 40% protein, 30 to 40% carbohydrates and the remainder of fats. So that’s balanced meals. Are Meals actually teach your brain subconsciously? Yes. Or after you, uh, to how to eat properly and try to maybe avoid, you say you’ve been doing macro meals for two or three weeks, you know what the meal is supposed to look like.

You’d go out to eat and you’re like, how come there’s so much food here? Right, right. You know, put it in a to go box and go, I hate the word detox. Once you get your body off of a bad cycle of food, when you eat the wrong way, your body will let you know very quickly. So that is a huge, especially if you’re, you’re, you’re in. And the type of performing like of like exercise, right? Exercise will help you with that. Now overreading a different than binge eating and we want to make that a very clear binge eating is a disorder. Diagnosable condition characterized by eating abnormal amounts of food even when you’re not hungry. So we’re not talking about binge eating here, we’re just talking about direct overeating. So we just wanna make that disclaimer before we go any farther because if we start giving you kind of tips, but you are having a problem with binge eating, not overeating, they’re not gonna help you.

So let’s just get that out there before we get into the sub. But the five stats we have here that will lead to overeating, not mentioning like Josh was saying, I’m feeling sad and down and depressed. Emotional. Yeah, that’s the most of what we talked about. The next thing is sleep deprivation, which is blue way that this is on here. Boom. No, I think this one is, I think this one’s key. It blows me away because I would never think of that. Oh, absolutely. When you not, when your body didn’t get enough rest, it’s going to try to get more caloric value through the day too, to make it through. And your brain’s freaking out. It’s stressed out. The cortisol levels of super high and the food actually brings, brings down a cortisol, especially sugary gross food that’s not good for you, but in the brain loves it and it gives a kind of a brain rush to the brain, feels like it’s getting a little bit of a break.

So when you don’t get sleep, man, you use it. You’re going to eat bad. I see that in me so clearly early. Oh, so clearly in my Tulsa meal delivery career. So the next thing I’m also was, was boredom or distraction. So this is me, like, uh, like if I’m bored at the house, like when I get a day off, watch golf to take naps, I’m gonna like, Dude, I love Hummus, chips, snacks, snacks. Yup. And then this is, uh, phones, you know what I mean? They were just scrolling like crazy. Uh, this has on a stat here that, uh, scrolling on your phone, uh, may lead to three to four times more eating. We’re not focused on a task goes back to portion control and, and like, so when they say when you’re, you’re, you’re, um, watching TV and you have a bag of whatever, you tend to eat more because they’re not cognitively like, right, right.

I saw a study one time and I can’t, I don’t know where I’d find this if I had to Google it, but, uh, you know, what else you macro meals online and find out why we are Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. But anyways, back to longer saint John. But you know, ultimately, uh, they took, uh, a group of people and they let them get real hungry. They had them eat, eat the food, and then 30 minutes later asked them what they had had to eat and they were off by 60% on after this crazy. They did not remember. They blocked it. They could, they weren’t focused. So that was a, we, we use that when we train our nutrition classes to say either you need to journal your food and write down exactly what’s going in your mouth. Well you need to take a picture of it before it goes into your mouth.

So at the end of the day you can observe what you actually ate because I hate people all the time. How are you eating? Oh, I’m getting as good if I followed them around. I know for sure it’s like, oh you forgot about that. You forgot about that. That and you know that can lead up to, you know, 1100 calories a day. Unknown, unknown on top of which is, you know, by the end of the week, that’s three, three, three, five pounds of fat on you that you didn’t see coming. So I didn’t need that much say exactly. I, I’ve never eat. So you need to focus, you need to be, you know, paying attention. Uh, I, I say like, you know, that’s the discipline of eating when it’s time to eat, not when you get hungry. Like if I go, if I’m just hungry, driving around arms like quick, quick, quick trip for a second, grab something not focused than bank.

Don’t know what a meeting. But if I know each day what I’m preset to eat as almost the beauty of, of, of macro mills. Yeah. You’re actually planning the day, the day’s not planning are you? The next thing on here was dehydration. And this is, this is a big one for me. If I know, if I haven’t had enough water and I know that Doug has to drink a gallon of water a day, if I haven’t done my gallon of water and I feel a hunger pain, I know exactly what I need to do. Go pound like say 12 ounces or you know, 24 ounces. And I’m like, hmm, I wasn’t, you’re making me thirsty. Oh yeah, it’s here, Josh. Cheers. Cheers the water. Drink your water man. So sometimes those, those hunger pains aren’t actually you being hungry. You just consumed breakfast two hours ago and now you’re hungry.

Oh, last thing. Did we have coffee? Do we teach? We have Jews? Yes you did. But it’s not. If I saw, by the way, the most amazing meme on hydration there today, and I’ve seen this before, and it always reminds me, but I love scrolling through Facebook and then these little help, you know, benefit things will show up if you drink 16 ounces of water, two cups of water, right? As you wake up, you’re less likely, you’re going to have less headaches that day. Your brain will work a certain percentage better. All sorts of things like the lights come on for me, even if I’m drinking coffee to water with coffee, does that lights come on? So you know, like I get up at three 30 and four so I always have like water or something. Does it does it like, it’s like the, the nervous system or whether it gets your brain, it just awakens the organs.

The whole body’s using water. So it just kind of like putting the right fuel in the body right away to start getting the circulation flowing. And, uh, dehydration causes inflammation and a bad circulation. Thus the is going to be fighting for oxygen. You get some hydration in there, you’re gonna, you’re gonna celebrate that. Now, the thing that blew my Lou, my mind though, is if you go to bed right before you go to bed, if you have, I think eight ounces of water, their likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke decreases like exponent is. It’s insane. And then of course right before you eat some food, if you have eight ounces to 16 ounces of water, you’ll eat less digestible. Exactly. I’m like the, you know, I wake up in the morning, I don’t do human beings for the first hour, but, um, I like wait, hit the alarms going off at three 30.

I’m like, who is this? The sick freak? Oh, it was me and Zane. So if I just slammed like some water when I wake up, get you going. Yup. And snacking on unhealthy, uh, will lead to a person to consume more of these types of foods, bad foods, and also like not just snacking it, but having it out. Uh, we saw [inaudible] just get it out of your line of sight. If you have, if you have junk food in your house, put it, make it in a hard to reach spot. Don’t keep it on the counter. You’re more likely to eat it. Of course, unconsciously if it’s just laying around and easy accent and reverse with that. Put the good stuff out. Like I guess about the boys have apples. Let’s in Cs, we always have that up. Yeah, I had the good stuff out and hide the bad stuff or just throw it away.

I know a lot of people had a hard time with this chuck Vacaville’s then you have to worry about crap pantry anyway, so we’ll have a cool a quote here from, I don’t know how you spell your last name. Laura Hussein post saying food is usually not the main cause of food addiction. Yes. Ooh. Doesn’t usually not is usually not the main reason for, it’s all sorts of other reasons. Emotional, lack of sleep, too much stress, boredom like we said. So you know, if you put purpose to your day and have a mission to accomplish, you know, I’ve even found like I do the intimate fasting a lot of times. I liked that because it just, it gives me that a hunter gatherer filling in the morning. So I want to go attack my goals, you know what I mean? So um, plan your day or the day.

We’ll plan Mr. Listener, some stats. You want some stats if you want to give me some stats for the one third of adults in the u s are obese. Disagree. Third, I disagree with that. I think it’s higher than that maybe. I think because what? Of course they also use like the old World War Two standard on obesity. So yeah, there’s so many different, there’s some variables there. Let’s say for statistics purposes, one third third of you. So you’re riding in a car, there’s three of you, that guy in the back backseat. So we’ll be, there you go. 70% of children and adolescents age two to 19 years or obese. And I think these, I mean every year these are just going to go exponentially higher. Many people who uh, uh, binge eat tend to snack frequently, excess snacking increases weight. So, you know, let’s just try to stack last or snack on the right stuff.

Future podcast. We talk about snacks. Yeah, yeah. You guys got some snacks. We got some previous proteins now. Yes. That’s the other thing I always tell people chase protein and fiber. If you’re getting enough protein and fiber, you’re not going to be hungry because your body’s still working on that protein and fiber and plenty of water of course. Yeah. Hydration, hydration, hydration, hydration. So anyways, so uh, action out of here. Back. Evaluate how hungry you are before consuming food. Use a scale of one to 10. Stop eating when 80% full. So I stopped beating as soon as I feel it is. I’ve always kept it that way. As soon as I fill it, stop it. [inaudible] [inaudible] but you know how you can avoid all that if you had macro meals, meals and Garland, it’s already pre portioned. The other side of that is like trying to eat mindfully.

Uh, there’s an awesome blog called Zen habits. Check out that blog and he writes about really just trying to eat and taste it. How often do you eat food and you’ve vacuumed it down cause you’re onto your next. Is he the guy that talks about your, you’re digesting as soon as you hit the mouth, it’s like, I’m not sure if he talks about that. That is true though on certain things for sure. But you also need to like you, you know, you’re using your saliva, you need to chase too and taste and enjoy. Not just vacuum down and run to the next one. Thanks. So we’ll cool. What that, um, again, I’m your host Doug, uh, with macro meals. Go check us out on the web macro meals I’m going to Google Search Tulsa meal delivery service and you’ll see why macro meals online is Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service with that piece. Cheers.

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