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Well, welcome everybody to another macro mills podcast and download where I’m your host Doug with screen. As always, I’m going on the ride by Mr. Frye. We, and today we’re talking, uh, you know, we’re going to continue this series. I’m proving ourselves in 2019. Right. And today pretty stoic, pretty stoked, pretty happy, like some quality people on our Tulsa Meal Delivery show. I mean, not that we have, I mean we’ve had lawyers and doctors and uh, I mean we just got him on raising the bar, raising the bar. I don’t know how I do it. Now. Today we’re talking about bettering yourself in 2019, uh, we titled The Tulsa Meal Delivery show supplementing Your Life. Oh cause we have someone who knows all about. And why wouldn’t you supplement your life with Trulabs? So welcome. Uh, our special guest today is Brandon pouges. Um, I’ll give you guys a little bit of history on, on Brandon. So Brandon, I met a few weeks ago at a business conference and we just clicked, man. We’re like, uh, it’s like Bro, love throw the, yeah, Yup. Let’s say romance all the way from McKinney, Texas Ou texting. I mean, we won’t hold the Texas thing against it too long, but anyways, uh, so a little bit about brands. So haven’t been, uh, living in the commercial real estate industry. That sounds fun. Fun.

For nearly two decades, Brandon Pogue and his wife of 17 years, uh, Miss Jennifer and they’re three beautiful children have been living happily, both leading generally healthy lifestyles that came as a shock when an unexpected sickness overtook their lives and presented them with an obstacle that would be challenging for any family to go to Comcast. So it was Brandon’s wife’s illness, which led to crossing paths with doctor Brian Artists, that’s his name at a health fitness commission in their hometown. Dallas, Texas. Uh, Brandon, doctor artists, uh, instantly hit it off. And Brandon inspired Dr Artists to tick charts of the strength and fitness by joining a local crossfit box. We step one, uh, fast forward to today, uh, early day or early one day, Brandon, his training partner for getting ready to start their training session. Uh, when Brandon asks what everyone was taking for the workout, pre workout, probably like a bunch of, you know, exploding crap like that. Yeah. The time the fire fired. That’s what Brandon had the awesome idea about colliding the worlds of supplements with doctor artists. And that’s where the story of true labs. I love this. I’m pretty excited about it. Brandon, you’ve got a dog. I haven’t, but I would need your care here. So this is my partners is a dog, but yeah, Short Manu. Ginobili it’s Gino. So here’s the big side. So let’s, let’s start from the beginning. Random lists. Let’s take us back. Uh,

you know, once you were coming out of the, uh, the, the real estate side of things, what’s inspired you? Were you, uh, are you, is your background in chemical engineering? And you’re like, you know what, I’m tired of living in this van and now let’s make some supplements. And you have to start. It’s a great question. So, um, after having three kids and gaining all the sympathy weight, I’ve got some fat pictures. I wish I can pop them up on this, I could show you, but my wife and I were on vacation in Mexico and she was like, I’m taking pictures of me on top of this slide thing. And I was coming down and I was sort of flexing, sort of posing and I was um, you know, late twenties, early thirties. And we were looking at pictures through that, through that night at dinner. And she was showing me some of the pictures and she showed the picture of this guy, you know, long hair, goatee, not very well defined.

And I said, who’s that? And she goes, that’s you. And I was like, that’s not me. She goes, yeah, that’s what you look like. And I was like, no, it’s not back from that vacation, which is 2010. And I came from back from that vacation and joined a gym and I was hitting the gym four or five, six times a week and just kind of got to become a gym rat, I guess you could say. Um, but I, I got a really good training partner, got him robbing Guenzel and you may have met at that conference. He was there as well. Um, and he robbing Ganzel looks like handsome rob, like he is the prettiest, like the biggest biceps. Just, I mean, no, this guy is like, no, this Ravi Ravi could have gone through a physique competition and he’s a plumber. He’s just an unbelievable guy.

We were on a mission trip down in Mexico together, um, building a church and then we ended up going to an orphanage and it was just a great experience. But Heaven, I sort of like you, you and I, we hit it off. And so we started hitting the gym and, you know, we were doing the dumbbells, a freeway. It’s, you know, that military strict press and uh, you know, I thought it was in really good shape. And then, um, one day I was going to get pizza at this place at three 80 customer here in McKinney and there’s this really great pizza place over there, but right next to it was a crossfit box and in retail, you know, kind of environment. And, uh, so I kind of peeked my head in and I said, what’s going on in here? And The lady, her name was Shantelle Mossy.

She goes, well, come tomorrow at 8:00 AM and I’ll show you. So I’m like, well, yeah, I’ll come. So I come in and my under Armour shorts and you know, my wife beater shirt and you know, total like Guido asked, look. And I kept me there and I get my butt handed to me in the workout. Like, um, squashed. There was this lady named Cindy peers who was a crossfit games athlete and she was a Master’s games athlete and you know, she said that she beat me by 120 reps on like a six minute workout. I’m like, there’s no way that’s impossible. And Anyway, long story short or maybe a long story long, um, I found crossfit that way and never looked back. I haven’t, uh, I haven’t stopped in seven years. Wow. That’s inspiring. So kind of a gym rat to crossfit and then, uh, um, I became so overtaken by crossing, I was always trying to look for an avenue to help people with their health and wellness.

Right. I didn’t mean to inspire people. It wasn’t, it wasn’t my, uh, my goal. But what ended up happening is people are always coming to me and say, Hey, what do you do for a workout? How do you eat? How do you live? What do you, what are you taking? You know, what kind of Macros or you’re on, whatever like that. And, um, what kind of diet do use, which you guys have a big, a big play in that. And um, you know, cause that’s, I, I think you can’t, one of my greatest coaches ever, lady named Abby Dickerson and she said, you can’t out train a poor diet coach that all the time here. It’s not just about weight loss. Weight loss is important. We like weight loss, but performance is where we really try to target people has given me more energy and it’s just a huge, huge thing.

And so, you know, with that we found out that not just a great diet but also there’s some things that you can’t get from whole foods. Um, and so we came into that supplement space and we said, look, there are people like macro mills that are doing a great job making those kinds of products right now. We don’t want to go and compete with that, but we really could do something in Suffolk realm. And really I never even wanted to do anything in the supplement realm. Here’s what happened. That story that y’all were talking about, um, in 2018 I guess there’s maybe mid 2017 actually me and my training partners were working out one day and it’s like, yeah, there was somebody who’s taking Jacqueline Hyde, you know, exploded, see for, you know, heart attack vein explode mine.

Yeah. So we were all taking different stuff and I’m like, man, I’m just so sick of my pre workout. And the other guy was like, me too. And it’s like every 60 days or 90 days, you’re always looking for another one. Yeah. I was like, wouldn’t it be great if somebody came up with the concept and said, I want to invent a constantly very formula for different formulas. So every 30 days you switched your different formula, so your body and her dad’s to it so you don’t have to go one cute three security force group. Right. And they’re like, man, that’s a great idea. And I’m like, Whoa, this is a really good idea.

And I felt like it was divine inspiration almost. You know what I mean? And so what was so cool is that we’ve just been through this journey with doctor artists where my wife was super sick. She was usually about 125 pounds and she had cut down to like 98, 97 pounds. And so she was just, she was misdiagnosed through Western medicine, uh, as, as being a hypo thyroid when she was actually hyper freaking medicine that was making her condition worse, worse, worse, worse. So we were sort of fed up with Western medicine at that time and we found Dr Artists and he’s this holistic nutritional supplement guy who works on each individual Oregon, the weakest Oregon. Then built it up and it goes the next week and to Oregon and built it up and then build it up and holds it up. And I was like, Hey doc, I’ve got this idea. You think you could help me to invent a natural preworkout that’s good for the body and we can test all these supplements. And a man, by that time he was drinking the crossfit Koolaid.

He would come in here, hey man, I dead lifted 275,000 and I’m like, Hey, that’s great man. Really good. And you know, and, and it was cool because he had never done anything like that. Now he’s like bench pressing three 15 and I’m like, Gosh, that we used to be your deadlifts, you know what I mean? But he’s increased and he’s 42 years old. He’s a stud, he’s a great guy. But I said, I said, um, you know, somebody needs to do this. And so we took 300 raw ingredients and I can show you a picture. Hey Josh, can you tell me that? Please tell me, you know, they’re taking the time to call her real quick. I’ll show you this real quick. So we took 300 raw ingredients and we tested each ingredient with the body. And when we did that, we found out out of those 300 only 25 of of the 300 that’s in a lot of workouts were actually good for you.

Here’s all our stuff, right? So let me show you most pre workouts and stuff. Oh my gosh. And a lot of them make you know, crazy statements, all these different things like you know that we’ve got every individual ingredient. And so we would test everything. So this right here is met the Kabbalah name. That’s a B12. It’s $14,000 per kilo for 2.2 pounds, right? And we have this in our pre workout in, in our energy format. But we, we tested all of these different things that white slip things in their legal, they revolts. People look for the mirrors and the razor blades where they’re just not here. That’s not our style. But here’s what the deal, our doctor artists, we did not look into any formula. We did not look at any other preworkout everything that we developed from the ground up. So we’re, a lot of people would start with like, hey, this is a white label supplement and this is a pre workout. This is like another formula. But we changed it a little bit.

Uh, we started everything from scratch and a, and then he went to, uh, one of his, his leading this dog. He went to one of his lady and is going to be running around like crazy and keeps stuff in that. But anyway, this doctor that he saw said, look, you need three things to create energy in humans. You need adamine, Rabos and phosphate. If you put those three things into the cell, then the cell will actually generate a dentist in trials. Fate back. A lot of put, a lot of people try to put Adenine or they tried to put hep already together and combined into the cell, but then the cell won’t create that energy back. It doesn’t go in the same way that it comes out. You have to put the raw ingredients into the cell. So that’s been the most groundbreaking thing is that we actually import Adenine, which you can’t buy anywhere in the states.

You know, everybody talks about, you know, we do our own preworkout I’m in on for you work out at home and you can’t buy this. You have to buy in huge bulk quantity. We have to buy 500 pounds at the time or something like that. Um, but we put an ad in in ribosome phosphate, all of our preworkouts and all of our energy products. And that’s what makes our, our Tulsa Meal Delivery stuff so different. And here’s the other thing that’s really cool. Do y’all have any questions so far? Keeping that say that, but I want to talk about the sleep on too, because that’s where we had some sleep stuff last week that we were talking about. You, we’ll talk about making the energy systems in the body work better. You have to get good sleep. So I want to talk about that too. Yeah, definitely. I definitely want to hit on that.

I, I’m, I get so passionate and I just can go on a rabbit trail for Nancy. Keep me in line. But here’s what, here’s what we did was so cool. Let me put that in. And we created this energy formula. We thought, you know, most preworkout and companies are 90% men, 10% women. We ended up finding through our Facebook, uh, audiences and all that stuff that we were actually hitting 57% women and 43% men. So women were actually telling other women faster about our products and are the men were in Wa. The whole reason is because those are the holistic approach that we went for and we did to develop this. Girls didn’t have the same problem with jitters and running to the bathroom and then having the diarrhea with our pre workout because it was a natural holistic approach to it. And nobody to my knowledge has ever done that.

So it was so cool. So I ran an extra two miles on Saturday on it. It’s so good. So, so here’s what’s so cool. We started last year under, under a different brand and their toilets in labs and there was a pre workout company, you know, and then it was like, man, there’s so much more that we can do. So we, uh, we are actually talking to a, to a large travel company and they were looking for other products to help with the lifestyle brand. And through those conversations we ended up coming on, you know, people what they really, really need. They need, everybody does something for energy. You know, there’s, there’s 90% of Americans are taking a caffeine during the day, um, for a stimulant. But the reason they’re doing that because their sleep is so horrible because they don’t sleep well. So they’re, so they’re trying to get through the day because their knife is so bad.

So that brings in the whole sleep thing. So we brought in, um, a patented ingredient called magnesium three and eight and magnesium threonate is, it’s called MAG team. But you have to, you can only get through one source. In the US, we put magnesium three and eight, we put Valerian root HTCP five, uh, Gaba and passion flower. So usually you have one of those that people use for asleep product. Well, we combined all five and we tested it against a wide range of audience, male, female, um, you know, younger, you know, I guess 18 and all the way up to like 50 years old, you know, a big threshold of people. And we just found the sleep product was, was, was hitting everybody the same way, like a truck and the gods were like weight loss. People who don’t sleep don’t lose weight. There is one of the things that people really need to look into.

Well, and you miss out on all of your gains. So if you’re tearing down your muscle and you’re breaking down your muscle and you’re doing all of that during, during the day, if you don’t recover, then you go to the next day and you just hang it down without ever having rebuilt the foundation. Right? Yep. Yeah. Total waste. Well, cool. Well, I know that’s a good place that they could get this product. I mean, it’s super scientific and all this stuff behind it and it’s like our food on a completely different level. Research. Well, research goes really well with, I think it goes really well with your food. It doesn’t replace food because food can never be replaced, but it adds to what I think we’re food is lacking sometimes because of the nutrients. You can’t get 400 milligrams of Adenine through a state. But I love, I’m pretty partial to it because I, and I approached Brandon, I’m at the conference about it and then we talked about it, you know, uh, I suffer from insomnia, PTSD though all, uh, I just can’t speak my mind as the entrepreneur. I’m always have irons in the fire. My brain’s like, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Took the sleep product. And we saw the data. He showed me his tracker tracker on my phone that I was rejected days that I don’t do it in the days, four hours versus eight hours. Like you got to share that with me. I really want to see that. It’s pretty impressive. Very impressive. Like I almost feel like I can tell when he does it. [inaudible]

everybody tell when done

honestly. So thank you. Thanks. I think my employees will say thank. Thank you.

Appreciate the supplement for dogs for sure. So

again, everybody that’s macro mills customers, you can order all the true labs, supplements. Um, except the protein. Uh, we’re, we’re one of the affiliates, I guess we are Brandon,

you called us.

We’re one on one, two or three in Oklahoma.

Yeah, there is right now. I think you’re too to, uh, so there’s only two I think in Oklahoma.

Awesome. And so you can go to our site, one you can find out why we’re Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service, and two, you can find out the best ways you can lose weight to do supplements, supplements, and food supplement brand. I’ve got a couple pressing questions for you. Uh, they’re the difficult ones. You Ready?

I’m ready.

All right. So what is your inspiration? What makes you get up every single morning?

Well, it’s gotta be my, first of all, my relationship with the Lord. Like I get up at 6:00 AM or right before 6:00 AM and I read my Bible for 15 to 20 minutes. Um, so that’s my center. I would say that, uh, my wife and I are closer. I would say that we have a relationship with the Lord. Each of us have a relationship with Laura that the closer that you can grow to God, the closer you actually go to each other. So, um, that’s my number one is I do all this for the glory of God. That’s great man.

Uh, all right, I got two more questions. So how those one balance everything going on in your life? How does your day look? Is it a,

is there any violence right now? Um, we, we had a launch event last Tuesday with 50 people and photographers and videographers and that lasted till eight o’clock. We got up the next morning and regular day ready either today, regular day, Friday and Saturday. We had commercial shoots. We had 50 people here at the house in the, in our office. You know, I have an office which is detached from the house. And so, you know, when people come out here for commercial shoot or a photo shoot, it involves my family too. So it was just, um, this is not a good week to ask because now we’re heading, we’re going down to the fittest convention, uh, the fittest games, you know, Friday and going to compete down there. Um, so, uh, I was really looking forward to Sunday. Uh, I don’t do anything on Sunday. I, I’m trying not to look at my phone or I don’t do any emails.

So not doing anything on Sunday keeping, you know, like the Bible says the fourth commandment, keeping that day holy is a good recharge for me. But you know, I start every day, you know, five 30 or 6:00 AM we work out at seven to seven to eight 30. We’re in here hitting it now until five or six or seven, just whatever it needs to be done that day. Um, but it’s work. We, when I get like your, your video message that I got from you talking about how you slept on the sleep product or I get somebody else who texted me in Arizona that our products are changing their lives. It’s the most rewarding thing to me. So it inspires me. Like I can go for weeks on one good, good piece of news. That’s awesome man.

Cool. So I got one more question for you and then we’ll, we’ll have some statistics and not going to quote every podcast. Right? So how do you combat the negativity mindset? So we’re in a culture today that everything is news based and negativity and a social media is just of all awful platforms. So how do you combat on your day to day, uh, as an entrepreneur? Uh, how do you combat the negativity mindset?

Yeah, so I mean, I keep, I started every day in the Bible and that really helps. Um, you know, there’s a, there’s a couple, you know, the Bible is really like the first version of game of Thrones. It’s pretty, it’s pretty dramatic. Um, but, uh, there, there are some parts in the Bible where it’s really, really bad and it’s really, really bleak. And when you look around at, you know, I’ve got a, I’ve got a truck that has fuel in it and I’ve got a really comfortable bed to sleep in every night. Man, everything’s up from there. Um, you know, we do, we do a lot of mission trips and had done a lot with a group called Mexico ministries that at Mexico. And there’s, you know, kids that are, uh, that have gotten out of the sex slave trade and, uh, you know, they’re, they’re 10, 12, 14 years old and it’s like, man, that’s about the best reality check that you can ever have. So if you ever get a chance to go on a mission trip, go to a third world country, uh, I mean, I even go to the south part of Dallas. I mean, they’re just, there’s homeless people down there that need to be fed. But when you go and kind of get that mindset, like, I don’t really have to worry about the negativity because it’s, we’ve got it. So good, man. We’re still blessed. Yeah.

Yes. Put things in perspective. So one of my favorites, quotes here’s from Thomas Status says vision without execution is hallucination. And I think, man, you guys are killing it. Your labs. I’m glad to be partnered with you guys. We are as a, as a, as a company, um, you guys have the vision, you execute day in and day out and we’re super stoked to have you, um, as a part of the family, I guess you’d say, man, I’m so Brandon, we really appreciate you jumping on here. Uh, one last thing I want to ask Brent, what is one action item you would want you recommend the listening audience to do right now is go to [inaudible] dot com as it go to your Facebook? What does it mean?

You know, our, our, um, I would say watch our Tulsa Meal Delivery Instagram and about three weeks from now and I, and I don’t mean to put it off so much about the stuff that we shot this weekend, um, is going to be mind blowing. Um, we shot three different kinds of characters and all these characters sort of, uh, come together like the, the, uh, Avengers and game and a, and it’s going to be this big story that we’ve got a huge social media presence that’s about to just go nuts. And I would say starting next month, um, it’s going to be, it’s going to be massive. Our Instagram, a true labs is, is, is okay right now, but it’s about to get really, really good with these campaigns that we’re doing. And then true and from there no more. But you can also follow me on social media at Brandon Pogue.

We’re doing all kinds of crazy stuff. We did a, we did a workout last Thursday where we were actually getting our heart rate up, doing, running, doing, skiing, um, all of that stuff. But then we were shooting a rifle down 114 yards, uh, with high heart rate. And you had to, had, you had to hit the target five times before you could go to the next events. And we’re starting to do workouts like that. And not because that we’re, uh, you know, Texas people and not because we’re conservatives, but just because that’s good practical training. If you think that you’re going to shoot a gun or try to defend yourself or to try and go into a hunt or whatever with low heart rate, it’s not that way. I’ve, I’ve hunted in New Zealand and Alaska and you know, my heart rate was flying, um, you know, during some of those hunts. And so it’s really good to try and get stability in the middle of term turmoil. You can try the Marine Corps out. Yeah. I don’t want to sign the waiver. I’ve got three kids. I’m good. Just throw that in there. Josh smells here and he’s a former marine. Um, and you know, somebody who’s wads are inspired by some of the stuff that he did. So, um, awesome. We’ve got a, we’ve got a lot of former military guys around here.

Well, cool. Well Brandon, well thank you for today and thank you for coming on our podcast and Josh, let me follow up questions for them. Great. Great talking to you. Totally.

You Zero Josh out. Yeah. You nailed it.

So anybody in the listening go out to macro meals where you’ll find out why we’re toasting number one meal delivery service soon to be


coming down to the final days. Pretty happy about that. And you’re like every single show with a



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