John, John John. Dot. Dude. Again, again, I’m excited today. It is, you know, we just keep on going up the game. We did not say that our previous Tulsa Meal Delivery guests aren’t road are great, but they just keep on keeping on like attracts like as they say. We are the average of the five. We hang around the most. Welcome everybody. I am Doug Greene, I’m the owner and cofounder of Com where we’re the home, the first two meals or $2 22 cents as will be free, but you know, posted, I mean just try the Tulsa Meal Delivery out. Try it out. What is the taxes? So just a little bit Josh, uh, before we get into the show, uh, we started doing the, the, the hero hero hero of the week. The we, yeah, we had,

they have like hundreds of requests. So we’re going to keep that going on each Monday we’ll go find the person that, uh, we need to track down. We’ll give them the meals, keep nominating. Um, and uh, each week we’ll kind of randomly select or signed. Yes.

So do you want them posting the new but on, yeah. You put on Facebook, you can call us, email us, email us info at macro meals, Comment on any longer our videos,

any of the videos just fine. And it’s a asa police fire, EMT, a veteran

besides, besides the air force. It can’t do that. I mean chair for us. That’s a, that’s I’m just kidding.

Oh, the military, uh, all those guys tell us who you think deserves a free meal. We’ll go find them and give them that free meal. So it’s possible thing. We’ve done it one time and it’s, it’s, it’s going to go off like fireworks.

Yeah. I think it’s pretty cool that we can, uh, get back to the Tulsa Meal Delivery community that in that sense. Yeah, absolutely. So anyways, uh, so on today’s show, Josh on today show, Oh yeah, go on the table. I’ll pretend to find today’s show, blah, blah, blah. I would watch them. I go, ah, come on Doug. So on today’s show, we’re continuing our series, improving yourself in 2019. And one of those ways is life balance. You know, every talks about work life balance. I don’t believe in work life outside. We believe it’s you have one leg. Yeah, call it life balance. Don’t save anything for the swim home as my philosophy. Yeah. But I’m often drowning so maybe I should change my philosophy. Yeah. Long about mountain. Maybe. Maybe we could learn something for somebody. Let’s hear it. I need to look it up. There’s a lot more energy.

That’s all today’s. So guys, we get to interviewed Julie Rose. He’s a nationally qualified figure competitor. A reasonably Mary’s. He’s 28 years old. She’s a nurse. She loves gardening, reading and cooking. Low achiever. I’m hearing to achieve. Sure. Like 90 year old lady. I really hear Jessie likes to hit three pets. Oh Man. I have three pet peeves yet for her baby. She refers to stuff. So the third baby, one dog, one dog, two cats because, and uh, Josh, how does somebody do that? I don’t know. Especially with all those hobbies. How do you keep those pets alive is what I want to know. Yeah. Well cats are very independent. That’s true. They don’t, they don’t care. Like the, like the Bible, like the face of the lion and cats, aren’t they evil? Yeah. The cats are evil. Oh, for sure. One of them is straight the devil.

The other ones. So my dog is just the best over, yeah. Going on, you know, being a fear of competitive. Uh, she’s finished first in figure class a second in the open figure at the heartland classic in 2017 first in the figure class a in the grand Prix of 2017 second place in a finger class a and an open figured the Oklahoma Championships in 2018 which qualifies one for Nash. Yes. So some way, how do you do that? I love, I love this already because I’m, I’m just, I hear this all the time. I just don’t have time. I’m telling you just don’t have time. She has have time. She, she’s exceeding right down your excuses and throw them in the room. I don’t care. So ladies and gentleman and welcome to the show, Miss Julie. So I have a couple of burning questions. Yes. Hit it. And then Josh will probably ask you something. Yeah, yeah. Uh, what like inspired you or like what, like what made you become a figure competitor? I mean, whoa. Said could you always have a lead a boring life? You’re like, you know what, let’s add one more thing to them yet.

Right. Well, between all of the reading and gardening and canning rooming that I use on until the time with the right, with the red hat society. But between all that stuff, I, uh, I’ve always loved working out my mom and kind of set that example for me. She would wake up at four o’clock in the morning and go swim, you know, five miles. And then at the end of her work day, she would go and lift weights or do something else. Um, and so I was in the gym and just kind of recreationally for a long time and it became a stress reliever and an output for me. Um, and so I kind of hit a plateau or I was like, okay, well what’s next? You know? So that was the next level for me is competition. And let’s just see what I can accomplish. And if I had the self discipline to do it, cause I never really dieted. I’m not a big fan of diets. I think carbs are good to find out. Your body kind of survives off of carbs. Yeah.

Doughnuts and Twinkies.

Doughnuts and Twinkies. 100% that’s the separate food group. Okay. MMM. MMM. Sorry. Anyways, so I uh, yeah, that’s I did, I said let’s just see what I can accomplish. I’ve never been able to die at wells. Let’s see if I have the self discipline to do that. And I did.

Steve, what’s your down is what I’ve been hearing lately, and this is from like David Coggins and some of those people out there, Joe Rogan, there’s a difference between motivation and being driven and motivated and being driven. Being grown is like, there’s not a motivation. It’s not like I’m going to decide if I feel like it today. Yeah. It’s, I’m going to set a goal and I’m going to reach it or die. Right. I’ve got two options. Get there or die. And so that’s the difference between me and driven and being mode. And I heard a great quote, inspiration is the reward, right? And you know what I mean? Absolutely. Yeah. I like that. Motivation and inspiration. That’s the, the feelings, the emotions. But the drive is the, you know, rubber to the, to the, to the ground.

Being married to a, a competitive bodybuilder, it’s, there’s a certain level,

crazy. You gotta be a little bit, you gonna to flip the switch

there is, it’s, it’s, there’s, there’s really nothing really off days. So how do you, how do you balance those? No off days and being a full time nurse and for baby parent and recently married and all that. How do you balance that?

So is your, is your scheduled very intentional. I always tell people like really they always talk about balance and I’m like well yes there’s balance but what you put in the forefront, what, wait, what tilts the scale is going to change, right? So when I’m in competition mode, my competition, my diet, my training, my cardio, all of that is going to tip the scales a little thing. I cannot that that lifestyle is not sustainable. Right? Year round, season to season. And so then when my, when I’m in my off season, I make sure that I spend plenty of time with friends. I really devote myself a lot to my work, so it’s kind of funny because I manage the unit that I work on and so I’ll always tell my staff, I’m like, okay guys, like I’m getting ready to go into Tulsa Meal Delivery prep. I’m going to work my butt off. I’m like, the donuts are done. That’s kind of good to have that accountability around you to actually the staff loves it because they’re like, wow, like they see me and they can like turn me on and they get loaded.

You’re also pointing out something that I keep on running into people who talk about diets or I’m going to try to die and I’m trying to lose weight. The one thing that they put into practice is this cycling, which means like year round. Some things are, are not healthy to keep up that long, but there is a season, give yourself three months, four months season where you focus on something so direct that you neglect other things to get to that goal and then relax the rest of the season. And that’s how they can, the human body was evolved. It’s, you know, real harsh winters and then awesome spring and then, you know, uh, relaxed during the summer. So we’re supposed to kind of like go through cycles and we don’t, we’re like the new kind of modern life is the same thing year round and people trying to do the same diet and trying to get the same, yeah,

I think it comes down to like social media. They’re comparing themselves to

something that’s out there. Right. I gotta be better, but I, I wrote down here because if you say yes to something you’re saying no. You’re saying no to something. Yeah. For every, yes, there’s a thousand notes. I tell that to people all the time. You count the cost because when you say don’t make your goal, my goal, as soon as you say yes, you’re saying no to like being, you know, your, your husband and everything else, they just

no. Okay. You know, they know that you’re, you’re going. Yeah.

And it helps to have like a timeframe. So prep is that most intense, you know, 12, 14 weeks that you’re going to live and it’s like, okay, but it’s 12 or 14 weeks, right? Yeah. I can get through it til then and I’m going to be super proud of what I accomplished and the people around me are going to be proud. Right. And then, you know, you switched the balance a little bit so you kind of say, okay, well now I’m going to plan a wedding. Oh yeah, you did. I have. And you still get people out there that think this is too extreme. The balance, what we’re kind of saying is, you know, keep it in a certain timeframe, achieve and then relax, achieve in the glass. I say that the success, like if you’re going to be successful in a healthy lifestyle, it’s all about setting achievable goals, smart goals here a lot. Right? Um, and so that it’s measurable. I can say, okay, it’s 14 weeks. That’s my goal. I want, this is what I want to accomplish in 14 weeks. Um, and then it is achievable because it’s a realistic time frame. Um, and so instead of saying, you know, like, oh, okay, I’m going to lose 15 pounds in two weeks, or like, I’m just going to be healthier this year. What does that mean and how are you going to do that? Um, there’s no don’t trust your feelings. Yeah. Josh always says

he can’t change your feelings. He can change your data. I can change your data so you don’t tell me you feel sad. What does the scale say? What does the BMI read? Yeah, we’ll change that. We’re not going to change your feelings. You still fat 20 pounds lighter than you are now. I can’t help you with that. Okay. You know what else was smart?

If you go out to Google and you Google Tulsa milk delivery,

the servers. Yup. Do you know what comes up top macro macro mills? Do you know why? Because we’re the number one food delivery service in Tulsa and in Bartlesville. Yeah. It’s that simple. Yeah. I mean people even in that’s pretty smart. Arizona and other places are going, hey, do you guys, do you guys around here? Not yet. Growth Onaway okay,

well on the way guys. So anyways, um, along with that, so there’s all that sitting in your goals and achieving them. Uh, one of the questions I had on here is how do you combat the negativity mindset? Because we live in this negative world. Um, I always say, uh, neurons that fire wire, um, so if you have a positive mindset, chances are, um, you start doing positive things and it, it’s a repeatable, but if you’re surrounding by negative things, I know the bodybuilder mind like, you guys, crap, I got to do another two hours of fasting cardio. How do you combat that as I’m your level?

Well that part was never difficult for me, I guess because I just thought, yeah, I have to positive patio video. I don’t know. I am, I’m a positive. I’ve always known the Tulsa Meal Delivery guys good. That’s the thing, that motivation versus

drive. Yeah. I might be on the treadmill for two hours saying this sucks, but I’m going to be on that treadmill for two hours. So you just, you just put the pedal to the metal. You don’t, you don’t,

yeah. I watch the food network while I, while I am totally that person like this. Yeah. Let’s watch like divers. Yeah. Triple d like worse shows. Right. After 14 weeks, I’m totally having that hammer. Like how do you do that? Like, I don’t know, it just does not hear the other side. Right? Yeah. Yeah. But positivity is always, I mean I see it in every aspect and the biggest influence on my positive mindset aside from like, we could go into hours of like deep psychological Freudian, but like overall health in people. I noticed that, um, in my years of nursing, I’ve seen that people that are nineties hundred years old, the ones that are truly happy, they always have a positive outlook. They can have cancer, they can have pneumonia and have gone through really awful things in their life that they’re like, you know what?

Yeah, you should’ve seen the great depression. Basically it’s just another pneumonia I’ve had the 100 day that’s the same on a zip lock bag, right? Yeah. Yeah. That was my grandma was just like, no, the ones that live forever, right. They do what makes them happy and they surround themselves with people that are like minded and that are positive as well. Yeah. And I think that’s a huge thing. Like if there are people in your life that are saying you can’t balance this, there’s no way. How do you, why are you neglecting your kids to go do cardio? Yeah. I hear that a lot. I’m not a mom, but like if I had kids and I have friends that compete and have kids and I’m like, no, you’re an awesome mom and you’re setting a great example for your family. Yeah.

On that. And I think it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s inspiring. Yeah. Right. Cool. Sooner or later the kids can just go to the gym with me. So I had another statistic about time give it to everybody says and don’t have time for this time for that. So, uh, uh, what journal was it? Okay. Do you in general medicine? I think one of them, the average person now is watching five hours of TV per day and they’re spending two hours. There’s like 2.3 hours on social media. What are they? That’s a 2017 stat cause I just read one as it certainly as a hook, the social media has almost tilted the scale of, of what they’re watching on TV besides been watching Netflix things. But it’s still where, yeah, yeah. Time. It’s a full time job. They don’t tell me you don’t have all day eight hours. Right.

Crazy. Right. I don’t even have cable. Right, exactly. That’s probably what helps me do. You can make that choice.

I’ll ask you that. You can get the go. You can go dumb phone when you, when you take them to this level, like you can dumb it down. So many medicine, any, um, Facebook notifications I got on us today is either email, no.

How many times have you dropped it and hasn’t broken? Yeah, I charged it last Thursday. I mean, come on. Right, right, right. Yeah. So you can dumb it down. You can, you

can save time.

All, all,

all sorts of ways. Uh, but also at the same time, when you exercise, when you eat healthy, you have more energy for the time you do have. Yeah. So I see people all the time who don’t exercise in and they’re just tired. It means they don’t eat right. I don’t exercise. So they have to take a lot more recovery time. I think you can literally put a, for every hour you missed the sleep. If you exercise that hour you, it’s perfectly, it’ll replace itself. So

that’s crazy. Except for injured old dudes like me. Oh, well, think about how you were before you were working out harder. Yeah. I just stay in motion. That’s, that’s the key out and object that stays in motion, right? Yeah. Yeah. We’ll stay on those off. Yup. Yup. All right. So I have a quote here. Josh says he will Rogers quote, I went back to the old, Ooh, yeah. Ooh. If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. No, yeah, no, it’s like that pivot or persevere. All right. Stop digging. It gets worse. Yeah. So anyways, uh, as we close this awesome podcast with jubilee, I had Julie Griffin, um, forever. She gets married, by the way, let me back up a little bit. She was our first sponsored athlete for Macro Mills, right?

Yeah, I remember, I remember doing that like last summer or beginning of the summer. Yeah.

I think it was the closing. Yeah. That’s crazy. Yeah,

it was right. It was right after, right after the,

I’ll tell you. Yeah, yeah. Right. So almost two years. Yeah. Wow. Yeah, that’s crazy. She still this monster athlete.


That’s awesome. So, so Juliet, as we close here, what’s a good action item you would recommend to the listening audience out there and

Facebook land or youtube land and item? I hear this a lot at work, so I’m like, oh no, the action item. So like I said earlier, setting achievable goals that are small chunks. I’m not going to sit here and go through the whole buffet for the year, right? I’m going to set one goal for me and if that is each day saying, okay, I’m going to wake up today, I’m going to go do my cardio and then I’m done for the day. If all you do is cardio, if all you do is walk on a treadmill for that day, that’s awesome. And I actually just thought of a cool story. Yes. So one of my coworkers recently had and send a surgical procedure done and she was terrified to set foot into the gym and she hasn’t been in the gym in forever. She goes, she later just have to tell you this, cause I know like you’ll be so proud of me.

And she goes, I sat in my car and I told myself all week I was going to go to the gym, go to the gym. So the time came and I got in my car and I went to the gym and I sat in the parking lot and I cried. She goes, and I just like broke into tears because I was terrified and I didn’t know what I was doing. And she goes, I finally just got on my car and I went in and I got on that treadmill. I hit one and got it. And I wasn’t walking at that speed of one. I thought, well, this is

too easy. And I thought to that, yeah, yeah. And so

I was just so proud and overwhelmed. I was like, this is awesome. So every day, if you tell yourself satis set a goal for yourself and then that turns into a very achievable goal, it’s not even a task or

got it. And then also celebrate those [inaudible] proud of yourself when you achieve a goal. I’m a go girl. I did it, but I, you know, I didn’t do it hard enough. Shut up, just say pat yourself on the back. You can just fill, fill the pleasure of what it must have, achieve a goal and go out the next, the we say around here, 2% better. 2% better because the enormity I think scares two. Yeah. 22 no two males for two terms. I know it is the duct tape because his mine has been blessed. Just it’s blue pill. Red Pill. Yeah. Yeah. Anyways guys, I want to thank you, Julie for showing up today. It was awesome having you on the show. Do yourself a favor, go out to macro meals uh, I mean you can click on the blue Tulsa Meal Delivery order online button and it’ll take you right into our horses in more. You can get your first two meals for $2 and 22 cents. Also be able to Google and find out why we’re Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service, macro meals and with that, we’d like to end every show with the piece.

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