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running the running. I ran the Karaoke.

Nice. That’s good. I ran the couch. You ready to crash and burn and crash and burn. What’s up guys? Hey this is Doug Greene. I am your host with the macro mills podcast and download and Vlog. I guess now we’re pretty official duty and what we’re talking about today is our pre and post workouts cause they’re pretty important. I think we’ve talked about this a little bit, a little bit. And then we’re also going to talk about the wheels on the week because you know we rotate our menu every two weeks folks. And it’s time to bring in the man cam, the man we need to do like a name that rhymes with Cam. I can do the man works, can the fam man. Right. And then we’re also gonna talk about something that’s kind of near and dear to our heart. We’ve kinda been trawling this out through a different facilities, um, crossed with facilities is our new nutrition programming that we’re super pumped about. So anyways, we’ll get into that here in a minute. So let’s get into, uh, the pre post workout stuff. So like, like when I train say with you, um, some days I decide I don’t have time for water or pet nutrition, what, what’s, uh, what’s the, what’s the, what’s going on there or something. Each

person is different, but what you’ll find is your performance is very effected by your, your blood sugar, uh, and that is definitely affected by your diet before you eat or before you workout. When you eat, like an hour. Like I’m a guy who needs about an hour, hour and a half, eat a pretty good sized meal with a lot of carbohydrates, proteins, and before you train, before I train and that way I get the most out of that hour and a half of working out. Now, are you working out that long for it? Because I’m training for crossfit and we do, we do crazy. You know, long workouts. We do, uh, uh, 30 minutes of strength and conditioning, usually like a back squat or deadlift of clean and jerk or snatch. And then we do a metcon Meta metabolic conditioning. So we do, uh, between 12 and 20 minutes and a little bit of resting and talking.

I’m sorry I got a pump. Our people, yeah, pure health, no another great Tulsa meal delivery place to train for that. But with that I need, I need a lot of calories and a lot of the right stuff before I work out so then I can get through that workout. Now if you’re someone who’s just doing the 30 minute treadmill, that’s one thing. Also hypo versus hyperglycemic will will matter if you are someone who is dead out for us guys, I would say to someone, it’s either you, you a digest sugar too quickly or you don’t digest your quickly enough. Uh, those hyper is, you do it too fast. Hypo is where you can do to slow. Um, ultimately, depending on if you’re that type of person, it’s going to affect when you eat, how it’s going to affect that workout or that performance. Also if I’m going to go on a long run or a short run or whatever on run, I’m going to probably eat less proteins and fats and a little bit more carbohydrates so that I have the carbohydrate energy due to run in.

If I’m going to do something that’s more like lifting weights. Yeah, I’ll have a little more fat and Cameron came and have like you did a race this week that you took second place you didn’t win, didn’t know who was there, who beat you. One person as the one person that happened to me at the wool rock run, I was like doing pretty good and then I got my eyes set on this guy who looked like he was 60 years old. I’m like, I’m not going to take this guy, and I start inching up on him and he looked behind me and then just takes off. You should attack the heck you’ve got to tackle them, take it out, take them out house. He was like, Huh, that’s funny. And just he just burnt me. I was like, that was, that’s level. Next level, you know?

So say like you do have, I’m guessing most of your races or morning based, so you do marathons and half marathons and five ks. Is there a certain diet or certain regimen that you, you, that works for you specifically? Not and not beer. Do you not know that’s after. Oh yeah. Um, so regarding when I run, usually what I like to do is I try to eat as little as possible beforehand just because it jumbles around and it makes the day they are the day of that morning and your usual training in the morning, you don’t eat before you go run. Right? Yep. Yeah. And that works for a lot of people. That’s that, you know, uh, intermittent fasting style of working out. If I’m doing Tulsa meal delivery and cardio with no lifting, nothing like high blood pressure. Yeah, a nice little run. I will do it on an empty stomach. So what’s the like the, after you get back, some buddies that do like the ultra marathons, like 30 plus miles or whatever, right.

Carb load for like that was a day or before is that. And then they ask the word and then they keep the glucose tablets and stuff like that on them for the run because you will burn through all your glycogen storage. You know, even you can do that on a 15 mile run. You know, I, I blew through mine and a 13 mile run one time where you just, all of a sudden your body is shutting down. Your muscles are no longer have any glycogen to fire off of. The fuel’s gone, that the tank is empty and you’re screwed. So those guys preload a ton of carbohydrates, get stored in the cell through the glycogen and they are eating tons of pastas and tons of carbohydrates. Not so much worried about the proteins, the fats, they do a little bit of fast but not so much worried about the proteins and fats.

And then um, they have to do stuff during the run is awesome. A Five K, 10 k yeah, no big deal. You can get through that with like a snack. I, you know, if I’m going to go run like the gauntlet, which is like four miles with a little bunch of obstacles, I make sure that I have just a little light snack in the morning and then bang, I’m Jesse know where you could get those lights next up. And I know where I get them. Where you were knocking mills macros. Tulsa’s number one. Number one. Number one. Yeah. Meal delivery service. And I, I’ve said this from day one when you guys showed up a year ago, year and a half ago, November, I was one of your first test guys doing crossfit. I have nose hair. That’s another thing. I used to be bald. He used to look like this and now as you, he’s get to full hair.

But yeah, you guys give me your meals. I ate a hour before I worked out and it felt like way faster, cleaner. I just felt like I didn’t have any like that nap feeling you get when you eat the wrong food. Um, and I felt just a lot quicker, stronger. Um, and I’ve been a huge fan of sentence, so I’m a pre guy. If you’re a post guiding in the postworkout, especially for running, you have a 30 to 45 minute window of course line of when the cells are still feeding. So in another words, they won’t shut down the energy system still have it going. So if you, if you eat a lot of carbohydrate at that time and protein at that time, it absorbs back into the muscle instead of being stored as fat. And I guess also workout was great to get a lot of your competitors and proteins in.

You don’t have to worry about your path to that answer. There’s a long debate. There’s a lot of debate. Yeah, yeah. But that’s, I’d say, you know, the 30th, they call it the 30 minute window, especially for like bodybuilders, bodybuilders aren’t getting any of their other energy systems kick in. They’re not doing, they’re not getting like the brain, the metabolic, they’re not getting their kids, they’re not getting the metabolic and lollipops. They’re getting, uh, you know, uh, the, they’re doing the low range metabolic, not high range metabolic. So that makes the muscle super absorbent, which is very smart to, to grow muscle, not that smart to um, get endurance or gross. Like explain this to me and nothing’s off topic here. So like explain like the anabolic steroids at some of the use anabolic steroids just help the absorption of protein in the, the, the, yeah, the synthesis into the cell, which makes it way quicker.

Also, it does a lot of other things like hormonally, it just makes it so that all the food you’re eating less likely going to be turned into fat to be turned into muscle. Um, and we don’t put any steroids or foods steroid, it also has a lot more, uh, it can help with endurance. It can help with anything, but primarily it just, it, what it does is it helps the synthesization I’m saying that right of the food to muscle for sure. You know, so that’s why they get people get into that for body bodybuilding. And then for other things you can get the, the TRT is the best for other sports that Josh had the test on. Testosterone replacement. Not In a, it’s not like metabolic or some of those other ones that are like more for like those old school. Um, bodybuilders are you looking at me for like, you know what I’m talking about but yeah, but ultimately know that on the food side of things you’ll see bodybuilders, um, bulking up big time and try to get uh, you know, their, their stuff, you know from proteins and fats, a little bit of carbohydrates where its performance athletes.

We’ll use a little bit more of the carbohydrates and less of the proteins.

Um, so everybody knows what to do pre and post. Kind of a, just a little more information for you out there. I’m also a little more information. If you were to go to Google and you search Tulsa meal delivery, it, guess who comes up number one?


macro meals. That’s it guys. Woo. What do you mean you get a free cup of coffee from, from jobs? Yeah, I believe so. Anyways, moving right along. Um, let’s talk about the menu. We’ve got a new menu out. Uh, chef cam. Cam Demand is going down because getting it done, he’s, he switched it up a little bit, add in a little bit of a, his flavor in there. We’re super excited. Super pumped about it. So meals of the week. Hey, hey. Hey minimalism the wheat. That’s right.

Hey everybody. So I’m going to lead off. We have a stake for heatable this week. Uh, it’s really nice. A little bit of lettuce and tomatoes, grilled steak, rice, black beans, onions, all the wonderful things in great Fajita seasonings as well. Following that we have Asian Turkey meatballs with white rice and stir fry vegetables. That one’s going to be a little bit more yeah,

to set the one with the the go Chang. Yeah. Favorite. Yep. Korean style. Tillys my friends. Wonderful. Okay, good. And Go Jane. Nice. It’s awesome. You don’t tell Jen wants to do on this one. This next Tulsa meal delivery one. The Thai peanut chicken. Is this new, this new that never had that. Never had it. I’m going to order nothing but this this week got 70 of them. Yeah. So there’s a countless freaking delicious, and I love Thai chicken like, well, it’s got a peanut sauce, which is like, so one of my favorite things is like, what is it? What is it? Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Thai peanut chicken bowl is fairly simple. It’s just rice and this seasoned grilled chicken tossed in a

Thai peanut sauce so it will really spicy, little savory, a little sweet Umami going on. Creamy and smooth. I’m going to have to get some of that from my bath water. It’s good for your skin. Yeah.

Uh, next up we have a chicken and sausage. Jambalaya with dirty rice. It’s going to be lovely. Now we didn’t go with a chicken sausage in this kind of the fat content down a little.

He’s a little bit about fennel. Little starting is why we use it a little bit of fennel. Lots of time. Some Rosemary. Yeah.

Uh, obviously some Cajun seasoning. It’s going to be wonderful. But following that Tofu vegetable stir fry with brown rice, that’s going to be our vegan option for them.

Next civil, we’re actually going to do a tofu vegetable stir fry. Yep. I didn’t even know it existed. Didn’t exist now or that one, Josh, if you order the typing all day long. Perfect. Cool.

Perfect. Okay, next up, we have an Asian citrus salad. This is one of our plastics. Yep. I’ve eaten this so many times. It’s lovely. Romaine lettuce.

Is that why the chicken? Is that where your skin set eyes? Yeah, that’s what it is. That in the peanut sauce. Citrus and Thai peanut sauce. Damn chain. Yep. We’ll fix you up for life. Cool. Normally saving your life or fixing up you’ll, yeah, exactly.

So the citrus salad comes with a toasted sesame dressing, grilled chicken, Romain, mandarin oranges, and a little bit of shredded carrot. It’s really nice. Following that is a pesto chicken and tomato pasta, classic penny noodles, whole wheat penny noodles, grilled chicken pesto cherry tomatoes, and

can’t go wrong with pesto. You can can have a flip flop pesto. Yeah, that Pesto and they call it a green eggs and ham at Kemira and haven’t, it sounds wonderful. Pesto and Bacon, something. I think we hit a, Josh is one of the soft spots. Maybe that’s your new hashtag. We’ll put that on all your Pestel Bacon, the last one on here at camp.

All right, so the last one is a grilled beef patty with sweet potatoes and mixed vegetables. It’s fairly straightforward. We’re all ancient for spring around here. So it’s a burger patty with our signature cinnamon sweet potatoes and some mixed vegetables.

Beautiful. Yeah. Going to mean exactly. A lot of people liked the simplicity. Yeah, we got to keep that on there for you guys that sometimes we, we like to get carried away. We think we’re creative. Maybe want something simple, you can get that tube out of customs menu. Right? Absolutely. You can get that through our whole bulk items. Yep. So anyways, Josh Blue Right along. Uh, thanks for that camera. That was awesome. Sounds delicious. That sounds like something that I’ll probably be buying. So you do, it’s funny how you set this up, like losing position for your yourself. Anyways, guys. So one thing we want to talk about, uh, get this out into the public is our new nutrition coaching and performance program. Uh, something that we’re passionate about obviously is serving and changing the lives of millions and, and we’ve been asked to do this. Um, and I think it’s just with the, the education, the, the minds behind Josh and my wife’s Sarah cofounder of macro meals. Um, I think they’ve, it’s like this happy marriage would not only do we have the solution for the nutrition coaching, we also have the food solution and assist. It’s a win win. We have a lot of companies out there that do either or, but they don’t really can cross the street. Yeah. We have the full solution.

So beginning April 1st, um, and you can sign up now, so we’re going to allow a, what’d we say? 25, five 25. The first 25 people will be able to join the nutrition program. So with the nutrition program it’s, it’s, um, probably like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s only $99. You’re going to get 10% off all your macro meals. So there’s just, if it pays for itself, if you just buy her. Yeah. Um, it’s a four week program. Um, it starts every month. So 25 people get 10% off. You get professional before and after pictures. What else did we get? Josh? You get the macro counter that Sarah came up with this, this anchor on that. The tracker loan to me is like the $99. I don’t know. Yeah, her system on the, I, you can get other ones, but

like the, the tracker you that she came up with super so easy and effective. It’s ridiculous. And then you get three times a week you check in with, um, you know, somebody, somebody here, either Sarah or I, um, I’ll do a prescreen, a phone call with you to see your goals and set that up and make sure you’re a good fit. Some people won’t be,

no, we have to understand that God’s, it has to be a win win for everybody. Right. If there’s something that we can’t help you with, will, will straight up tell you we can’t help you with that. Um, so that’s what we’re going to kind of prescreened. Um, but don’t let that deter you from, from reaching out

prescreen. We’ll set it up. We’ll give you the, we’ll send you a document that you can just fill in, we can check it with you, we’ll be helping you with the accountability, will be checking in with you three times a week. Um, and then we’ll help you with the meals, which we provide anyway. But the ones that you don’t have covered through macra mills will help you attract the rest of the mills and, and do it for six weeks. I get, I promise you, you’ll, you’ll see some results, huge results that you thought were impossible and you just see that time. Yeah.

So we, we did some calculating because the macro macro tracker and the photos and everything, this is about a $400 value. We’re, we’re, we’re, we’re bringing that down to $99 for everybody that’s out there. Um, one thing I think that’s really cool that’s working with some of the gyms that we’re doing with this is the group accountability texting. So this whole system is built in our ordering APP and we actually put you into a group channel and you can, um, have conversations with people in that challenge. I hate to where you use the word challenges.

It’s a program. That one too. It’s like if you’re a gym, your crossfit gym and you’re doing, what are your nutrition challenges will come and bring this as a package for the whole thing. And that was how we actually started this. And it’s working like gang busters because uh, the group chat keeps everyone in. We, we check in on that chat if there’s any type of release three times a week. And then also, um, your community keeps you accountable. And then it, the main thing too is like using that, that macro system and then we have the food that we provide is just,

yeah, I think that that’s huge. I think we’ve kind of lightly touched that macro tracker that you’re using as a direct link. You’ll, you’ll get to work with Sarah and she’s actually working with you one on one and making those adjustments for you. Um, and she does that every Sunday. That way you’re ready to go for the next week. I think that’s huge to have somebody else.

She didn’t really see like a 10 to 15 loss no matter who you are off of a macro. If you want to do like the the real loss and really see the tighten up of the BMI, we have to track your data. And I’ve always said this, don’t track your feelings. I can’t do anything about your feelings. I don’t care if you feel fat. Let’s track your data. I can change your data. So after we track your data for four weeks, get you nowhere, feelings get you nowhere. After we actually track your data for four weeks, we can make any adjustment. It has to be needed because everyone’s different. So a, you might have a few tweaks to the macro system that you’re currently using. And once we tweet that system, every, every single one that we’ve, uh, we’ve messed with this pretty

cool. It’s pretty cool to see. So when was that? That’s kicking off April 1st we’ll remind you guys throughout the rest of the month. You can go ahead and sign up now. If he wants to be one of the first 25 we’ll have that free screen calls set up with and um, what else? Uh, you can still get your first two meals for $2 and 22 cents. I mean, anybody can, Yup. Can I ask that? I think you already did it. Oh right. No brainer. I mean, if you’re going to want to have it, I get that nothing really matters if, unless you try it like it doesn’t matter, right?

Yup, Yup. I got a call. I have conversations. Everyone smaller that people say, well I do the, I have this figured out. Okay, we’re not here to help everyone. We’re here to help the people who have a hard time doing it for themselves or getting the whole thing set up. So that’s who we’re trying to reach. And so that’s awesome. Let’s do that. Let’s get, let’s get to work on the people who need some milk.

Cool, man. We got a bunch of new news coming down the pike here pretty soon, so stay tuned. Um, yeah, we get our veteran of the week.

Yes. Will be up tomorrow. That’s another week to tomorrow. You will, you’ll see your hero the week hero, the week. Sorry. The week will be up tomorrow and uh, we, we went and shot that today so that, that’ll be up tomorrow. Um, keep nominating your hero of the week. Every Monday we go out, we find that hero, we give them food and say thank you on behalf of the people of Macra, males, the, you know, you guys, you’re the ones who nominate. And we also look to see who gets the boats on that kind of indirectly by, if someone’s nominated 10 times, they’re probably gonna be the one who gets it.

So I’m going, going to both for myself. Kind of. You’re a veteran. You’re a veteran. You, you’re in the mix. Camera. You both for me. Vote for Pedro. Shirt low for done. All right. You get your own food. Yes. Awesome. Would that guys, we’re going to close the show out here. Do yourself a favor. Go out to Google and find out why we’re Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. Type in Tulsa mill delivery and click on macro mills online. From there, you can go to the top of our web websites and you’ll click the order online button where your first two meals are only $2 and 22 cents. Check the Google Tulsa meal delivery reviews while you’re there too and like, yeah, I mean Redo. I think we’re, if you’ve had, if you’ve had our meals and have a Google review, Josh is coming to get you. Please do. Yeah. Cause there’s people that’s been in your shoes before. Like how’s this a good fit for me? Yes. I’ll go read the reviews and then you guys haven’t left one. Yeah, it that good. It just cool. Just boom. Just like, all right guys, as always reluctant in the show with the,


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