Okay, well, welcome everybody to another macro meals Tulsa meal delivery podcasts. Download an video or I’m always doing the on the right side, Mr Josh right now, Josh, we’re continuing our series this week of, you know, improving yourself in 2019 and we thought we would, you know, up the game, you know, because our week, every, we are names down here. We’ll get a little better every week. Yeah, we’re gonna have to bring the level, I know, I know we’re going to set the bar too high and then neither one of us are going to be able to get anywhere near it. Uh, especially if you keep on bringing up, I like this one. The roadmap. So, yeah. So anyways, I’m the founder of macro mills and if you’re, if you’re in need of a meal delivery service, our meal prep company, go out to Google and search Tulsa meal delivery and find out why we’re Tulsa’s number one milk delivery service.

So Josh, we’re talking about today is winning. So Wayne got, so we’ve interviewed some really cool guests. Uh, you know, what, if your back was all out of whack, who would you go see? Uh, definitely Jeremiah and pure half. You know, if your spine is completely out of line, who would you go see? Uh, Jeremiah. Jeremiah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. What about the local layer? Oh yeah. What one of your legal situation is causing heart palpitations? I met a guy named folded here. John Attorney. The law. Yeah. Yeah. What’s your legal mess? It’s causing you all kinds of stress. Definitely. And hit holding John Holdren, attorney in law.

I got, I got three of for these guys. Was that in your local lose is causing you to snooze? No. Are you going to reach out or reach out to beaver monthly? Even monthly. Can you think Christie all day long is your lose making you turn to the boon processing? Probably going to go check out. Be a monkey. Is Your magazine not giving you that dopamine now? There’s your best one. I didn’t hear that one before. That’s good. That’s a good. Anyways guys, we’re so happy and humbled to have Keith and Christy McPhail. They are the managing editors of Beeville monthly. So welcome to the show.

The longest intro. That was a pretty good intro. No monthly, but it’s actually be my point. We could take the monthly [inaudible] people. We, we’re going to get all kinds of crazy Chris, like we have a lot of listening audience in Arizona, the guys up in Minnesota. So if you guys a crazy quest, you’re welcome. Hey, we love it. So tell us what is, uh, be monthly and what are you guys about? What is your mission? Uh, how did you guys get started? All that Kinda good stuff. And then we’ll get into all the, Huh? What else? This is a, this issue or march shoes or 23rd issue. This magazine’s been around since 2011. We took it over that long. Did 23 there? She, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Just started with it. 23 issues. Yeah. So almost two years, April will be two years that we’ve been with the B, the B minus [inaudible].

So, uh, uh, Brian Eagle, who actually owns a magazine, came to us. We got a little magazine over a Joplin and, uh, he said he had bought the magazine. He wants us to run it. So we, uh, we prayed about it and, uh, we jumped in full, full bore and, uh, it’s just, uh, it’s been amazing. And what we do is it’s the city magazine. We cover everything from the history of Bartlesville, the surrounding areas, uh, to the people who, uh, the shakers and, uh, the doers are Bartlesville. We, we, I love history. So I’m all about the history of the magazine and a,

so I’ve learned a lot since these guys have taken over a local pastor stuff. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. And this is our largest issue ever.

It’s 92 pages, um, which drives her crazy because she, you know, always say every three weeks. It is a voluntary, there’s a lot. So when we first took this thing out, we, they printed about 7,000 magazines. Um, today we print over 12,000 magazines. So

the first sign you reach about 30,000 online as well, about each month if got more into crazy, where do you pick these things up? Do you have to buy him or is it no scripture? No, you can’t get Tulsa meal delivery subscriptions go. They’re free. They cost free 99. John, this subscription comes if you want to guarantee that you’ll get a copy, cause sometimes they run out before you get up and get one of them. But yeah,

mostly, yeah, we have 140 places that we put this at in Bartlesville Dewey know what to infer. Huska and we have one in broken Arrow, so awesome. Um, we uh, yeah, our Facebook is huge. Um, part of the reason is because Josh, um, but we have over 18,000

hair is the hair and he sang today on our show too. So you’ve got to go check that out. Oh my gosh. I have to get on Facebook or something. [inaudible] ever cross ramblers

so, uh, no. Anyway, we’re blessed and really what I get to talk about too, I run a lot of stories in here, but I’ve got to talk about, uh, I get to talk about my, uh, my walk with Jesus Christ is also mean, what he does in my life, where I came from and the things I’ve accomplished. Uh, next month will be my 12 years of sobriety. That’d be clean of years. Awesome brother. It is. It is. So anyway, and uh,

so we ever see just like the support system. Yes.

She does it all really. We wouldn’t go to print without Christie.

Order to a, I guess you make sure the stories are out, the pictures of rights at all. She talks, she does everything that’s lost. Somebody hit you guys with some serious questions. I’m ready cause you don’t meet Mr Series. Actually Sarah had hit me. I was like ask him this. Oh I can ask something like the bumpers like Chris up there, like the bumper’s not locking. No, we don’t have to be a complete loop this time. You guys seem so happy in your marriage. What’s one suggestion when, uh, one suggestion you would give our listening audience to keep a healthy marriage and almost start with Josh [inaudible] I need it all. I realized that I needed the audio of wedding date and they get to like the losing one for prizes. Right. Cool. Oh Dah. Anyways, sorry Christie.

Uh, no. Well communication of course is key, which I liked your thing. It’s not an illusion. It really needs to take place, you know. Um, and we are together 24, seven. I mean, you guys are kind of, you know, one and you’re the other,

oh yeah. We are, we’ve found over the years that we can be very successful at the same project but not together and on the same. That makes sense. Like, yeah, she has her very good talents and I have mine, we just don’t have to cross him.

Yes. But we are together. I mean in another day, like most, yeah. The majority. Yes.

I’ll interject with this because I’m gonna, I’m gonna throw you a softball here. I know your story a little bit. Of course he’s very, uh, honest. Scott is transparent about his story in the magazine. And I think one of your keys is grace because you show this guy a ton of grace, you know what I mean? And you know, you keep showing grace throughout the whole relationship. Yup. Um, and, and learning grace from each other, learning how to be a forgiving that was going to be a huge part of you guys’ relationship. I only know that because you wrote about it.

Yeah, no, that’s it. Which is nice. So that was cute. What do you agree with that? We’re still the show, John. I’m just saying. You, you, you already told me. I’m just telling you what they told me.

No, that’s it. I mean, you know, communication first and foremost, and we pray together. And, uh, it was Craig say of the couples that pray together, stay together. That’s why we put God first. And, uh, he got us together. I mean, we’ve known each other since we were 16 years old. We were high school sweethearts and so a key anyway, we’ve known each other,

but it’s not always what it looks like. I mean, if people say other, always happy and they don’t ever feel your human or human, that’s where the grace part comes in. Yeah. Yeah. That’s probably better. Forgive each other. You’ve got to keep on loving each other despite each other’s weaknesses and faults. Look with Alfred. Yep.

Yes. I wouldn’t be sitting by this one right here is all she forgave me when I didn’t really deserve to be forgiven. And, uh, she, she took me back when, when no one else would.

Yeah. Raise, forget all this, boom, boom. I like that sense. It’s a kind of a model how we should probably not even even married life, but you know every day’s a new day. Yeah. And you get with that day. So that’s winning big time that he was winning. Look, 50% of marriages divorce. Yeah, I was gonna go into that stat. But you’ve stolen man. [inaudible] says a statistic says about 40 to 50% of married couples in United States divorced the first time according to American Psychology Association. So the divorce rate among those who remarries even higher. So the stats are, or you know, weight against you. It’s like the first time starting a business, 90% why would you get in the world? Would you go start in the visit? Right. Cause this is the third business that works out rubber. Right. But you got to get through that first one too. Right. You know, like Mariana fills. Right. And it’s even harder. Yeah. That’s great. I

think ultimately a great message about failures, not the end. No. Right? I mean we’re talking about winning, but to get to the winning, sometimes you have to go through the failing and you have a great story behind all of that with you, you know, marriage and with your, your, yeah, so I think a big take home on that and see, get everybody ready. My show

notes today, I just stealing it. I had an awesome MLK quote like Martin Luther King. You’re like, what am I love listening to the guy? I like all those messages out. Why Connance quotes? One of the quotes is the ultimate major of Amanda’s not where he stands in the moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands out times of challenge and controversy. Kind of what you do said John, you got to get through the failing to get to the winning. Yeah, I lost it. Absolutely. All right, so you guys remember the fun stuff. Let’s get the fun stuff. We’ve got this path, the series, cause one, by the way, on that serious stuff though, you can find all of this information just by reading the magazine. And I’m not saying anything that you haven’t. No, no, no. That just in the back cover. Oh look at them.

You go find out while we’re Tulsa’s number one meal delivery, the will first two meals on one, $2 and 22 cents. You have no the lose look, you got to get the protein balls. Don’t care what anyone tells you. The protein bowls, I think they put crack. Yeah. So we actually forming a Tulsa meal delivery group similar to or to Rehab support. Also stay tuned to that protein. And now in this scene, the balls anonymous. Yes. DBA team. Same. We already got our, we got in here. I mean it’s great. Solid. Who Does the majority? You’re cooking in your house. This woman right here as Christian. All right. And I do, I do the children’s and the dishes. It’s one meal. Toda no, totally. No. Yeah. Everybody knows what that, I know I’m not from a pagan toast, egg and toast. Yeah. So I’m the best. So what’s your favorite thing to cook?

Because I’m never home now, so I’m queen of the Crock Pot. So Gumbo, white chicken, Chili and Fajita chicken. Those are all my groceries. And then you guys are just now, recently you’ve lost five pounds in the last week and you, you guys got kind of did a cut or using your own protein balls. Yeah. It’s kind of a formula that, you know, similar to ours here, protein balls. It was a sad that this pour the powder with a shot of water. I’ve seen that gap. The cinnamon challenge. Uh, no and she’s done great. I mean, uh, no, she’s done great work. We’re trading right now. So Nice. No carbs. I need cards. Yeah, I live with a bodybuilder so I know all about that. Yeah. So what does a typical, they look like in the life of you guys? So we, we have the saying around here that your network is your net worth.

You’re the average of the five people you hang around the most. So what does a typical day look like in a life of, of you guys? I mean is it started out at 10:00 AM and you have Moses by the pool and then you’re going to do a little writing at 1:00 PM and today’s on it too. Something like that. That’s something like that. I’ll go to the beach, you know, a couple of times a week. Yeah. So, so what does it, so we wake up usually around six 37 we’ve got a daughter. We get on the bus,

uh, or not get on the bus, but she gets, she gets out the door by seven 30 and then we’d go workout and then by 10 o’clock we’re usually sitting in our office at the brush down or,

yeah. But then the in between the best in the workout, there’s, you know, working from home just a little bit. I like computer just, Yep. Thousand little cuts a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. Get the food ready and then to get the office. Yeah.

If people are like, how about you? How much you work? Well off this time it’s one thing, but I’m always catching up on something. No, it’s 25,

four, seven, nine biggest magazines would come become 24, seven because how big it’s, uh, it’s gotten just the, the impact we’ve had on so many people and,

and our associate dean at the Trice tower, like, oh, we go to our office. It’s kind of a sort of in place like so then people show up. So I finally, did you notice my clothes [inaudible] just going to hide in the back. I get the clothes or my hair so that I can legitimately get some stuff.

I’ve found if I go there on Sundays and Saturdays, I go there often all the time to edit now because I didn’t get home has become a lot harder. So I’ll have all these projects I haven’t finished. I just go into the office, go in the back and first show room king drive out. Keys to that room is like, it just makes you want to create and so beautiful and creatives is cool. Yeah.

We have a great view of downtown Bartlesville and uh, if you don’t know anything about price tower, you need to go look,

oh, it’s tower building and a great place to eat. I got to go up. Or did they have a new chef chef? No, he’s already asked me all the time. Like, why would you, you know, go out and eat and do your community? Like why wouldn’t I love People’s food? Oh yeah. Oh, you gotta go, you gotta go try him out. He’s awesome. He’s really good. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah. You guys heard it here first. That’s how I was going to be. So remember when you said on the podcast, I have that on. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.

Couple of cool things to look out for. Uh, we started our, uh, service member of the week. I’ll, if you guys saw that. We’re actually, we’re actually going to announce a weekly, uh, either

he robbed the week. He wrote the word cure over the week. Yeah. And then so you can choose a firefighter or a police officer. Emt or veteran. Nice. Not Non air force though. We can do it. [inaudible] he said it, not me. Uh, yeah. Each week nominate them. Uh, and Monday we’ll go out there and give them a free meal on us. Oh, that’s great. Snacks and all that fun stuff. So very cool. Yeah, I’ve got some people I like to nominate. Perfect. Thank you guys. You guys are your teacher of the month. We’re going to do that. He wrote,

I love that out of the week. And then we’ll, uh, I’ll have to do is tag them in basically.

Yeah. You put them on and you can put them out or you can call the shop. You can call here and leave a message or talk to one of us will put the name down. That’s awesome. So, um, yeah, but we’ll pick the person, uh, over the weekend and hunt him down on Monday to go provide, we will hunt you down, know where you live.

Well, cool guys. Well, I appreciate you being on the show today. Do you have anything else, Josh?

Oh Man, this is, you guys are doing a great job. I love, and I worked for these guys to do some videos for them and they’re just hustling. I love it. And the way I said this, I said this to you guys today, and I’ll say it here on the Tulsa meal delivery show, but you’re only as interesting as you were in.

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