Hello and welcome to another edition of the macro meals podcast. Healthy Meals for a high-performance life with your hosts, the certified strength and conditioning specialist and health coach Sarah Green, who earned her bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Illinois state and the chef and founder of macro meals. Doug green.

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. It’s another edition of the macro mill’s podcast and download. And today another exciting podcast.

It is going to be an exciting podcast because we’re going to be talking about setting goals and what it means for 2020 and how can meal prep companies help you in the new year?

Oh yeah. It’s that time of year again where we ate like crap for consecutive months and now it’s most people. Yes. And now it’s time to realign our goals, get rid of the Chubb and get after it after it’s time to get after it. So no matter what your goals are, macro mills and meal prep companies like can save an individual a lot of time, um, of meal prep companies. Uh, they’re kind of the perfect fit for, people that want to improve their nutrition. I would venture to guess and get back into those healthy habits. Um, uh, it’s for those people that lack the time to prepare their meals and food.

Yes, absolutely. So, um, there was actually a, a study, do you want to know how much the average person gains over the holiday season? It’s not as much. It’s not as much as what, you know, 10 pounds. You’re not close. Does it involve a cake? No, I love your questions, but no. Um, so according to a 2016 study published by the New England journal of medicine, the average Americans weight increases by 0.4% over Christmas and 0.2% over Thanksgiving. So in total, um, usually the average American gains about a pound during each holiday season, a pound one pound. That’s not too, too bad. No, but the problem is, is that most Americans do nothing to lose that pound. So over time, you know, a period of five years you’ve added five pounds and that’s not, you know, counting all of the other celebrations that happen throughout the year. It’s kind of like, Oh, we’re going to go to this birthday party and Oh, but it’s a birthday party so I’m going to have cake or what are you going to hear? Splurge it. Um, but yeah, it’s like there’s always another celebration. Some break room seems to be the big hangup for a lot of my clients that I work with. Um, because they constantly have food. People bring in food at work, just say no. All you have to do is, and especially people working in corporate America, you see it all the time. I mean it’s, it’s muffins and cakes and cookies and leftovers from grandma’s house. Yeah. That kind of stuff.

Just don’t eat the casserole from the lady that has cats crawling on her.

So that kind of brings me to a point too is, is, you know, it takes, how long does it take? So like in a sustainable way to lose weight. I mean, are we talking like to lose two pounds a month?

Well, I mean a sustainable weight loss can be generally, I think the recommendation is a pound two, maybe two per week. Um, but that’s like getting after it. Yeah. I mean that’s what I like really good intention.

So guys, that the two months you decided to not eat as healthy as possibly recommended, we can help you. The meal prep companies can help you in the next two months. We can, we can help you get that off and maybe even improve upon that.

Yeah. So I think, you know, the big thing is, is in some key takeaway points that Doug and I are going to talk about today on the podcast is, um, to approach 2020 with intent. That’s the first thing you got to do is, which means you have to create a plan. Um, and then you need to set some clear, short term and longterm goals. So it needs to be very specific. Um, it needs to be measurable. You know, the smart goals. Are there dumb goals? I mean, you could make a dumb goal of, yeah. Like to, I don’t know, just make it

completely arbitrary, but I mean, and it’s to be specific and it has to be measurable. And then what’s the third thing on ever, cause I’m going to repeat these several times because I think if we, if we drive this home, you’ll, you’ll, you’ll help. It’ll help you with your, in 2020. Well, you’ve got like two more things. Okay. But I’m saying that there’s not to rush it,

not, don’t rush it and be consistent.

Ooh, the big word, consistency. So we’re going to a, so this is everybody writes this down. So we’re going to do three, three things and approach in the, in the approach of 2020, we’re going to create a plan because people that fail to plan plan to fail. Is that how it goes? Yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s that one. Uh, you’re going to have a clear, short and longterm goal because if you don’t have these goals, you’re like a rudder or a ship out to sea without that rudder. And just kinda drifting.

Well in my experience in working with clients is that if they don’t have those short term goals, they don’t feel like they’re winning. They’re only focusing on that longterm goal. Like I’m going to lose 20 pounds. I mean, that’s a big goal. So you need to set some other things up along the way. And it might not all just be weight-based. It could be small wins. Like I’m not going to have five drinks on Friday night and I’m only going to have one. I, it doesn’t have to be completely crazy the whole way

and then don’t rush it. It doesn’t have to be an overnight fixed. I mean, everybody wants to get on these magic pills. I think the great thing about what we do as a meal prep company and meal prep companies as a whole is it’s a holistic approach and it’s subconsciously teaching you the proper way to eat. But anyway, go ahead with your, your, your, your, uh, talking points.

Yeah. So, um, yeah, when you’re making your fitness goals, I think a good question to ask yourself is, what are you fearful of? Um, because if you don’t ask that question, it’s kind of hard to explore where can you grow. Um, and maybe there are some opportunities that you haven’t thought of before. Um, you know, I would be completely fearful if I were going to go completely vegan. Why? Because I’m a huge meat eater and I’ve been so focused on getting [inaudible], so I mean, but I mean, it shouldn’t be something that I should be scared of and not trying to get more vegetables and more fruits and more nutrients that way. Um, [inaudible] sister, sister, but a journey. Well, let’s talk about, you know, a fitness journey versus, um, taking a quote-unquote pill approach because I think someday that there will be a pill for, um, being fit. I do. I think there’ll be a pill that you take a pill and you’re, you know, it’ll take time, but it’ll be the quick and easy way to get fit. And I think it’ll happen.

I’m looking for the DNA edit, copy, paste, and then I’m like, Arnold Schwarzenegger, you know, I’m just like, that’s great. Yeah. Is it, Oh, that’s probably really, really bad. But go ahead.

Okay. Um, but yeah, I mean if, if it were a pill, um, most of us would probably take it and that’s okay. Um, but I think you know when you think about a fitness journey is that you’re going to have failures, there’s going to be learning and there’s going to be challenged. I think the whole point of having the process cause you’re learning so much in that journey is the process. Right? Exactly. Yeah. Um, but yeah, you need to just tackle what scares you and makes you a little uncomfortable when you’re, when you’re thinking about your twins,

20 goals. It’s kind of like the, uh, and I’m not saying everybody needs to take the Marine Corps approach, but that’s kinda how we look at it. Something that you’re fearful of, let’s just take it and let’s take the Hill baby. That’s this countless, it’s concrete.

Yeah, go ahead. But I’m also, you need to check your progress. So some, I know some like people are like, Oh, I shouldn’t oily myself, but really how the heck are you going to know how you’re doing? If you’re not tracking, you have to step on that scale initially. Uh, we can’t help help

you with your feelings. We kind of kid with the behavioral stuff. We can help you with the data. If we have true data to work within it, it’s measurable. Uh, it’s metrics is really what it is. It comes down to metrics and to improve yourself.

Yeah. And I mean weight isn’t everything, so don’t take me wrong, but you do have to have some sort of way to track and measure and some data to collect to know if you’re doing what you’re doing is working.

And that’s why I don’t, I kind of agree with BMI. Kind of disagree with BMI, but this is kind of along those lines.

Yeah. Um, but yeah, I have a notable quotable. Yeah. So this is from Craig Rochelle. He’s the pastor of life church. Um, he’s also the host of the Craig Rochelle leadership podcast. Check it out, guys. It’s got a leadership podcast I enjoy. Um, but he says, and he’s preached this in many of his sermons, but it’s often the small things that no one sees that result. And the big thing that everyone wants is no one notices when you get up an hour earlier to go to the gym. Nobody notices that. Nobody notices when you order your meals weekly from meal prep companies, no one freaking cares if you order something healthy when you want fast food. But everyone will want your results when you look lean and you’re moving with your beast mode. Perform.

Yeah. That’s so good. Yeah. It reminds me of another notable quotable that has the duel, a notable quotable in this one. That’s Thomas Edison. Vision without execution is hallucination. Yes. You gotta be able to execute these plans and uh, it’s like, uh, pastor Greg’s a grisaille says it is the small things. You gotta do the small things and everybody wants to see those big things. So it’s [inaudible].

Yeah. Cause they just add up over time, those little tiny things. But as long as you do them consistently.

That’s so good. So guys, uh, we hope that we give you a little insight and a little bit of information going into 2020. Um, do yourself a favor. Go out to macro mills online.com and find out why we are Oklahoma’s soon to be the nation’s number one meal prep company. Um, and with that, uh, we wish you a happy new year, healthy, happy and healthy new year and 2020. Set those goals. All right guys, we’ll talk to you soon.

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