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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Start The Program

Okay, what is your name and how did you originally hear about macro meals? My name is priscilla and I found it on social media. I think some extreme fitness is facebook. Awesome. What problem did you have that you were looking to solve? Well, what? My husband likes to think he can mail prep, but he’s not that great at it, so it saves us time and then trying to figure out how to cook everything. What was your experience like with macro means? It is awesome. That is awesome. And experience. It’s just, it’s easy. Sweet. What did you like most about working with the macro mills too, but just awesome. Every time you come in they’re always happy. Tulsa Meal Delivery would you recommend macro mills to family and friends who are in need of say a meal prep company or. Yes, we do every single day. Let’s macro. Thank you Chris. Thank you.

Hello and welcome to another podcast and download from your boy here, Doug from macro meals online.com. Do yourself a favor and go out to macro meals online.com. Google searches to find out why we are Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. So on today’s show, what we’re going to talk about is how your body changes when you start to exercise. And this is really important to know as we’re coming into the, uh, exercise kickoff season. Everybody wants to start the program on a Monday or January first, as we all know. Um, and we’re going to talk about how the body changes. So we’re excited to have a Mrs Green, the cofounder of macro mills on long.com. Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. Say Hello, Sarah. And we’re also joined by none other than the most talented, most wearing of hats person that I know. Mr Josh, right? Tulsa Meal Delivery Hey, what’s up?

What’s up? So guys were talking about how your body changes when you start to exercise. So there’s a lot of people getting ready or they’re listening to this. They’re saying, you know, I’m going to get through the holiday season, probably gonna pack on 10 pounds and January first coming up, Tulsa Meal Delivery I probably need to start an exercise program or regimen. So what are some statistics or a quote or something that you can give our listening audience? You know how the body changes when we start to exercise? No, there’s no pill that comes close to what exercise can do no matter what type of pill. So I can’t take a pill and get on fat.

No, not at all.

You try and you could spend a lot of money, but you’re probably likely going to fail.

Yes. Well, the stats on on, you know, the new year’s resolution workouts is over 80 percent fail rate within three weeks and 100 percent fail rate after six weeks on average. Like there’s very few people who if they put it off and say, I’m going to get in shape when this happens, Tulsa Meal Delivery it’s rare that you’re going to actually achieve that goal.

You’re saying start today, start day on Monday

in the future, because ultimately then if you’re, if you’re already creating the excuse that you’ll do it later, Tulsa Meal Delivery we’re going to want to do the excuses will just come flooding in

because excuses are actually starting then because it’s usually they, they’ve overeaten Friday and Saturday and they’re like, well, Tulsa Meal Delivery we’ll start Monday because I got to watch football on a Sunday,

or I run into people all the time to say, you know, I’ll start this diet when I’m like, it’s not going to happen. I just know when that person leaves that there will always be the next wedding. Birthday. Holiday would doesn’t stop in this country. You’re going to have to address. The problem was as soon as you know it is a problem, that’s the best time to address

so what would happen to the the person that they started the program. They all have excuses. They’re starting today. What am I going to feel in my body was stuck.

The bad news first, let’s give you the news.

This is the good news. This is going to be negative. Nancy. Exactly positive. Patty. Here we go. Exactly, so Tulsa Meal Delivery

go ahead. Time magazine put out an entire issue called the exercise cure and it talked nothing about the positive benefits of exercise and the number one thing that they said was the exercise is great for our brains. It’s a linked to having less depression, better memory, quicker learning, cognitive function. It’s all there.

So you’re saying that going out and smoking that joint or having a glass of wine, not the cure. Oh Man. Tulsa Meal Delivery I mean every little bit helps. I guess that doesn’t factor in the kids if you have seven kids. Yeah, you have the occasional joint injuries. Let’s talk about that.

Kids and stress with exercise. This is one of the things that I love teaching people about. Exercise is exercise is actually super stressful, but it’s a kind of stress that trained your body to deal with all other stresses much quicker and it would. It does is it cycles cortisol, chemicals through your system and or flight, the fight or flight and the stress hormone. It actually increases it during exercise and then flushes it out super fast. That means that when I have another cortisol problem throughout the day, Tulsa Meal Delivery my body is trained to flush it out quicker. That means I get distressed quicker and I, I, you know, he used to say this in the fight game when I was doing a little bit of a mma fighting is when I fought in the cage. Everything other stress in the world and in life was nothing, you know, no other stress can come my way because I learned to deal with stress, uh, you know, literally physically and then it would train my body to do it with every other stress.

Love that. That reminds me of A. I heard a great podcast of the day with talking about bill bill a check. He trains, I think it’s called the Patriot way or something like that. Yeah, he, that’s why they’re always so successful because they train harder in practice than they do in the games. Tulsa Meal Delivery They’ve already seen this, these issues. That’s whether they can overcome any major issue on the, on the football field.

Right? So if you want to make life easier, literally, like this movie, that’s not a joke. That is everything else in life could become easier. Every stress that you look at, every thing that seems impossible to over

Josh, I just don’t have time. Just don’t have the time.

An excuse,

whatever excuse you’re going to throw out it. Just lead that. Know that you know that’s yours to own. Hold that excuse. No, Tulsa Meal Delivery that’s your responsibility for that.

So you’re saying instead of doing facebook three hours, I could do two hours, probably get the side effects from facebook and get our exercise.

Scroll facebook.

Well, there is a constant. So they

do move while you’re doing the other stuff. Yeah, and it’s. It is tough. I know people who have problems with like, you know, they don’t feel like they have the energy. They feel like they just want to rest. What happens with. They ended up going home, they lay down or start watching TV and then they don’t actually want to go to sleep when it’s time to really naturally go to sleep. Their brain state keeps them awake until midnight or 11 and wired from all, you know, your brain stays stimulate an ime done by 8:30 or nine. I can’t, Tulsa Meal Delivery I can’t keep going. I exhaust my body to the point where sleep comes naturally and that just helps the whole cycle continue and it’s absolutely that the feeling of less stress in your life, less anxiety, less depression is worth every second of being on a treadmill or lifting heavy weight,

my opinion, and you can check out a macro mules online.com, Tulsa’s number one, meal delivery service and find out why nutrition and food is such a vital portion of, of what we’re talking about today with exercise and how it’s a, how exercise will affect the body.

Yep, and it ultimately, like you said in the past, I’ve effort you say this multiple times, you can’t out train a bad diet, which is true. Two things. A, you can’t out train a bad diet. Perfect example of that is I can bust my butt on a heavy lifting and we’re not, and if I’m tracking my calories in an hour session, if I get to 1200 calories, I destroyed it. I mean you, if I love to see I did this, a orange theory fitness. Oh yeah, we do. That’s fun. They track your calories while you’re working out and I made it to 1100 calories, but I mean anybody who could stay with me that day, good luck to you. I mean, I went for it. If I would’ve walked out the door and going to Mcdonald’s, I could have had a big Mac fries and a soft drink for over 1800 calories and less than 10 minutes. Crazy. So there’s just no way for an hour. I’m busting it as hard as I can and at a, at a pace that most people can’t keep. And Mcdonald’s could take that away from me and less than 10 minutes if I let that happen. So you cannot. It’s not in the double factor of that is those toxic foods make you feel like crap again? Yup. So all that positive you’re getting from the exercise you’re not getting from the food. Whereas if you eat like macro mills, Tulsa Meal Delivery

oh, you talking about macro mills online.com. Those guys, the number one

delivery, those guys give you food. That definitely helps enhance the workout, which you’ll get. Then even more of a buzz from working out with great nutrition in your system,

so as you’re being cognitive of how your body changes, when you’re starting to exercise, you’re saying that you actually need to be more cognitive of what you’re feeling.

Absolutely. Performance. I tell people all the time, like if you stop watching the scale, you’ll lose. I mean, you’ll just feel better. You lose more weight. Also, you know, a pound of fat has a, is about the size of my fist. A pound of muscle is about the size of my thumb. So Tulsa Meal Delivery adding muscle you may gain weight, but you actually have more muscle and that would burn fat of course that we’ve heard of them

so that then you can have enough muscle to beat your kids that are being.

I think that it caused me, of course, all the stress of A. Well, I’ve also seen a, I’ve seen a 15 to 20 pound increase with the same weight and BMI, so, you know, increasing muscle, uh, you know, definitely let you do, accomplish more things, be more physically capable of whatever life might throw at you. So it’s just, it’s all good, I mean, but you have to. For me, I’m kind of, I chased the feeling, not the, uh, how I think I look, we’re so wrong about how we feel. It’s the API problem when I have like this little piece of acne on my face, everyone’s like, I can’t tell it to me it’s as big as the balloon or the time I shaved my beard, the one time I shaved my beard Peter, some people were like, I don’t even know who you are.

Other people like did you do something different with your hair? So ultimately, you know, we don’t see ourselves how we actually are. And that’s definitely true when it comes to our weight gain weight last and whatnot. You’re your biggest critic. Yeah. And you’re wrong. You’re just wrong. You, you absolutely do not perceive yourself standing in front of the mirror. Be like, I’m not stupid. Right? Well, they have that famous cartoon where a guy, huge guy standing in front of mirror and all he sees is this, you know, you know Mr and credible. And then a woman standing in front the mirror and she’s like pretty physically fit and all she sees is so big. So unfortunately we are horrible at a subjectively or objectively looking at ourselves. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to others too. And I think that has a lot to do with it. You’re always on facebook or instagram. Instagram. I don’t get that. Twenty five year old who’s got the 6:15? Leave it alone. Team filters on. Exactly. So anyways guys, any closing remarks here as we close the show, what are you going?

I also wanted to say that it might help you age slower exercise. That’s important as a lady. Tulsa Meal Delivery I mean, you don’t want to do this thing gracefully. So yeah,

boils down to a quality of life as you age.

So many. So many things that exercise can benefit from it or you can benefit from exercise. Um, you know, if you can’t squat, you’re not going to be living by yourself because just a simple thing of going to the bathroom, you have to be able to perform a squat to sit on a toilet and squat, squat and dead lift. And all sorts of stuff, you know, getting up from the ground to if you fall or happen to get that for you, which is, which is honestly a series of yoga poses to get from the ground up to the up to standing were, you know, doing kettlebell works like a Turkish getup. I mean, it’s all, it’s all related into different exercise.

But that all that being said, here’s the other, the other factor, Tulsa Meal Delivery, what I see is, especially with women, they give, we give about two weeks to training. They don’t see any results in their mind and they don’t see the improvements they’re making with their strength or with, uh, you know, their endurance, they don’t care about that stuff. They’re like, I still don’t fit into that dress that I was wanting to buy for that wedding. Don’t get caught in that trap because some of the stuff might take much longer than two to six weeks. And really it’s a thing of like, if you don’t fall in love with the process, like we’ve said before, it’s going to fail you sooner or later. That’s why diets and exercise have a huge fail rate because people have this idea in their head of what they think it’s gonna do for them and they’re listening all the crazy good things that has actually happened to them.

Yeah. Enjoy the process. So as we give up on yourself, that’s what I’ve got to say. Awesome. Tulsa Meal Delivery So as we close today, um, I’m say I’m a person out there that I’m really interested in getting some exercise. Do some more tips. How would one go about getting ahold of you, Josh?

Well, for me it’s right fixed media across the board on all the social media platforms, facebook, instagram, a twitter, but don’t try that. And then, uh, Youtube, uh, yeah, yeah, I love to do videos that cover um, different, uh, exercises and different food tips. But there’s also Sarah who lives in, definitely reach out to who’s a great nutritionist and exercise.

Awesome. So you can get a hold of Josh or you can get a hold of us here@macromillsonline.com. And do yourself a favor, go google Tulsa meal delivery service and go find out why macro models online.com is Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. And with that guys will lend now. Bye Bye.

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