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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Fixing Your Meals

Good morning everybody. Thank you for tuning in to another macro mills podcast and download where I am your host, Doug Greene. I am the co founder of macro Mills Online Tulsa’s number one mil delivery service. And on today’s show what we’re talking about. Well, let me back up a little bit. This is the mythbusters week. We need some like music, like in the background for this semester’s been, I dunno. So we’re going to have five consecutive podcast here where we’re going to break down five myths. Tulsa Meal Delivery First one being our BMI, second one, it’d be bulky muscles from lifting, which I really love. Breakfast, eh? Fourth is longer workouts are better for weight loss and last but not least, eating little and oh, eating little and often boosts metabolism. So as always I’m joined here by the cofounder of macro meals online Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. Sarah Green, so excited and it is going to be a good week and we’re also thrilled to have in the house for the mythbuster week. Mr Josh, what’s up

Josh? How’s it gone? Got To be bad ass.

How’s, Tulsa Meal Delivery things going in, in the, uh, in the crossfit world or the gym world or the,

in a world where things are going good. Tulsa Meal Delivery school. What else? Media. Genre. Flixmedia.com, right? Fixed and fit. Yeah. Right, right. And Yeah, I’m staying busy if that’s what you’re getting at. Yeah. Staying busy, staying busy. Jaxa is a man of many hats. Whatever it takes not to have a desk job is what I, my friend. He’s succeeded at that.

So today’s podcast, we’re talking about BMI. So what is BMI and why do I care?

Body Mass Index. So that’s the acronym B am I. Tulsa Meal Delivery and it’s basically the only kind of structure that we have for guiding or telling us if somebody is overweight, obese. So this is the baseline.

So baseline is also to test, like if someone’s weight, how much of that percentage is a muscle and how much of that is fat? So if I just used. Wait, if someone’s six, 10 and 200 pounds and someone’s five, 10, there’s going to be difference there. Also, if someone’s can dead lift 600 pounds and then the guy can barely lift 200 pounds, there’s going to be differences in their, their muscle in that same frame. So there gonna be a 200 pound person, uh, um, who can’t lift 135 pounds and there can be a, you know, same weight person who can lift multiple, uh, much more weight. That person’s going to have more muscle than fat and in his body then that same, that same. So I struggled Tulsa Meal Delivery

with this a BMI, I don’t know what you want to call it, this, this equation because standard because uh, in the, in the, in the marines, they tried to roll it out. And obviously most of us are pretty well in shape, right? We’re bigger than not saying other services, but we’re, we’re actually just way more so they were they through the BMI completely out. But once I find funny is you, you do these health insurance things, people will still want to use this skill. So what’s the, what’s the value in it that you guys see in what’s maybe something that no, we can bust this myth

are the only standard of data that exists as far as judging a population in its entirety. So it is the only thing that there is two years at this point in time. The good thing that most companies do is that they follow up a bmi kind of standard with a waist circumference, which does help, Tulsa Meal Delivery but it doesn’t tell the whole story as Josh was stating earlier. Right.

So what type of like statistics or do you guys know of anybody out there that would, Tulsa Meal Delivery is promoting the BMI or something we could give our listening audience?

Well, I do know like, you know, you’re going to go to the doctor if they’re not chicken, your BMI. That’s to me a little bit of a red flag because they can just say, oh, you’re overweight and you’re checking. Look at my muscle, I’m overweight. I’ve got, you know, and I’ve had the same BMI at 185 pounds and 205 pounds. So there’s 20 pounds of muscles that I could increase without increasing fat. So that’s important to know if you walk into a doctor and he’s blind and he just says, you know, I hear your 200, five pounds is give you some heart medication if you don’t show that you actually have, you know, healthy muscle growth, that’s gonna be a problem. Tulsa Meal Delivery At the same time. Last year a study from Ucla concluded that tens of millions of people, uh, who had gone in for BMI screening, we’re called unhealthy. And as they could tell the screening, they show that these actually healthy people, even if they were like 25 percent body fat according to the measurements and the BMI, the BMI, even if they, you know, if that was the case that everything else was healthy health indicators, you know, every other, everything else had healthy on the other side of that.

People go in and they have really good test for BMI scores, but they have a way other, Tulsa Meal Delivery, you know, red flag. So it’s not like if you’re honed in on just the BMI, it can be a here losing. Yeah. You can miss the whole thing

and you can calculate your own Bmi by taking, I know this is kinda crazy, Tulsa Meal Delivery but your height in meters squared divided by your body weight in kilograms or you can use google. This is my weight, this is my height. Calculate my BMI for

formula. The truth. That’s a good formula. And then you had the pinch test which is somewhat accurate. And then you have some universities that have the water hydrostatic weight, Bmi and all that fun stuff. So yes. So yeah, ultimately it is a good tool to have to understand one factor of our health, but it’s not the end all be all right. It also can be a major thing if you’re an athlete is going to have a completely different set of Tulsa Meal Delivery, structured of what’s healthy or not healthy. So it’s, you know, something to consider but not to get like totally panicked on.

Great. So as we’re going into like the holiday season, because my bmi is something I should like consider like for Turkeys, three places of mashed potatoes, now my BMI is jacked up.

Well here’s the other thing too, is you have to eat in excess of 3,500 calories beyond what you’re burning in order to gain a true Tulsa Meal Delivery.

So would they have thanksgiving, a football day,

thanksgiving and football is not going to ruin everything.

Yeah, I would definitely say let like fitness out in the real world. Like go jog. And if you can’t make it a mile, I don’t care that jace silence. You can’t make a mile jogging. You have to like run, walk. Uh, I don’t care if you have 12 percent body fat and you know, healthy BMI, that’s a bad indicator. You should test it. Those things are way higher than just, you know, oh look how skinny I am. Or like how much? Like they don’t have any fat on me test other things. Tulsa Meal Delivery If you know also strength, if you can’t lift, you know, if you can’t carry your laundry up here to your apartment, I don’t care how skinny you are, that’s not gonna, that’s not healthy. So you need, you need strength, you need a endurance a little bit there. And if you focus on those things, BMI will follow. Yeah. So I think at a really good way to track,

um, your macros or even your BMI was to head on over to macro mills online.com and find out why macro mills online.com is Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service.

Yeah. It takes the thinking out of what I should eat and how I can get healthy quicker, that’s for sure. Yeah, he’s great. He’s great.

You gotta feel properly no matter what your exercise regime is, so that everything is in place as far as your body makeup, your body composition, your BMI.

So Bmi is, is this another tool we can have in our tool belt young, the fight against obesity. So say I’m sitting here listening. Tulsa Meal Delivery

Totally. You want to show up with I’m sure.

So. So I’m sending here, say I’m at a 30 BMI. I have a pretty good guy. I mean is it a red flag that I’m like, you know, four or five points over what the FDA right

recommends. Yeah, it’s a, it’s an indicator of going the wrong direction for sure. But it’s not a death sentence at all or you know, it’s not, it’s not the, uh, you know, I just watched the Olympic lift lifting trials. This, some of those guys are huge, but they are beasts. They’re athletes. Uh, so it’s, they would, they would be going to the doctor and they want to put them on statins and stuff like that for obesity. Really. They’re just, you know, designed for a certain thing. So you gotta know what you’re, what it is now. If you don’t like the way you feel though, you don’t like the way your clothes fit. Tulsa Meal Delivery That’s to me like the, you know, I want to wear different clothes or I want to feel better. That’s when you, what do you do about hair loss? Not there. No nothing for that. Backroom deals like a cylinder, not proven for preventing hair loss. Certainly try to. That is. I mean if you’re eating

and those are really good without your clothes on, Tulsa Meal Delivery right?

Was looking at your hair man. You must be macro meals over there.

Alright guys. Well I appreciate you being on the show. Thank you for tuning into the macro mills podcast where we’re going over the mythbusters week, so today we covered Bmi tomorrow, be bulky muscles from lifting. Next will be breakfast next after that would be longer. Workouts are better for weight loss and the last myth, eating little and often boost metabolism. Until next time, I’m your host, Doug, with macro mills online.com. Do yourself a favor, go to google and Google mail delivery service in Tulsa and go find out why macro mills online is Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. Until next time.

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