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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Muscle Busting Myth

Good morning and welcome to a another macro mills podcast and download where I am, your host, Doug Greene. I am the co founder of macro mills online.com. Do yourself a favor, go out on the web and you can search macro meals online and, and, and look at the reviews, read the reviews, find out why macro mills online is Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. So on today’s show, what we’re talking about, this is mythbusters week. So yesterday we covered the BMI and and you know we talked about how it’s a standard but it’s not necessarily the standard and today we’re talking about bulky muscles from lifting. Now as a avid gym goer, I’m actually probably one of those people that want to get bulky muscles, but I understand most of our listeners and most of our customers are probably women and don’t want to be all bulked up now that said this is not 1980. Tulsa Meal Delivery There’s multiple workout programs and people available to, to use as resources. And thankfully today we’re so blessed to have the cofounder of macro meals online.com. Tulsa’s number one, meal delivery service. Sarah,

my name is Sarah Green, co, founder of macro meals. I’m a certified strength and conditioning specialist. I have a degree in exercise science and fitness, so I’ve got a little bit of background on the subject,

Tulsa Meal Delivery but you seem bulky, right?

I do, but I trained specifically for that

and also on the show today, our trusty Goto trainer, Tulsa Meal Delivery MMA fighter pastor, a skateboard writer, surfer. He’s the Jack of all trades. Mr Josh, how’s it going,

sir? Expert in exercise.

Oh yeah, he does this little thing called X. There’s so on today’s show. Tulsa Meal Delivery Guys were talking about bulky muscles from lifting.

Probably the number one thing I hear from women when they come into the gym, I don’t want to bulk up, I just want to tell. I want to tone but not bulk up and I always tell him, well, are you taking testosterone supplements? And they say, they gave me a blank stare and good, don’t worry about. It all boils down to really what are your goals and then start believing the hype on, on your social media or whatever.

Well, I think a lot of people will see bodybuilding people or like look and be like, Whoa, Tulsa Meal Delivery like that, but you know, I’m going to. It took me an entire couple of years in order to put on enough muscle to even compete in A. Right.

Well, it’s, so, yeah, there’s genetic freaks out there who are just going to be big, must be the women. Tulsa Meal Delivery They’re higher testosterone naturally. And then of course we live in the era of testosterone supplements that are the women with Adam’s apples. Exactly. There’s plenty of people you’re looking at that you’re thinking, oh well, they just lift weights. That’s where they got that way. Not True. Um, I just, I literally just googled this just to see like if I can find a stat or whatever, and I says, does lifting weights make me bulky? And you know, the first thing it says is when you lift weights, a large part of stress is on the nervous system, not necessarily on the muscles. So heavier weights equals more signal for the brain to muscles. This means without any changes to the routine, lifting heavy weights will only make you stronger.

Not Bigger, and I tell this to people all the time, it’s about the nervous system, like you’re trading the nervous system to handle load the best way I was this like college, if I Zap you with a ton of electricity, uh, you’ll be on the other side of the room. Now you’re on the other side of the room because your muscle potential got you there because the nervous system was overwritten in. Every muscle flared at once. So in human potential in the muscle is the ability to literally be on top of the roof or cross, you know, the, the room with a job. But if I tried to do that now, if I just jump in, I can happen because my nervous system is saying you’re going to get hurt. Tulsa Meal Delivery Let’s not do anything. Yeah, exactly. There’s not risk. The injury, the nervous system is what changes the dynamic of movement and of strength. Do you need muscle to do that? Yes, but your muscle potential is insane compared to what you’re actually using by training it through.

Well, and we know like when you, when you start lifting anybody that starts a new weight training protocol or a new weightlifting routine, it takes six to eight weeks before you actually see a difference in the muscle size or your strength gains and everything else that comes prior to that is actually a neurological adaptation, right? It’s your brain’s ability to send more of those neurological signals to get more of your muscle fibers to recruit and fire because let’s say just take a bicep curl, for instance, if you’re starting with a new weight training routine and you’re not really training bicep curls, maybe only 50 percent of those muscle fibers might fire at first, but give it another week or two and more of those muscle fibers start to fire. Which means you can lift more weight, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the muscle has actually changed in that short amount of. Yeah.

Also understanding or studying kinesiology where you have different muscle fibers that do different things, isometric essential, all such things. So, you know, I might be able to blow it off the ground, but can I slowly get it back to the ground, who knows, you know, like, and that’s why also other sports have different specializations of when you’ve got people who are gymnast, who can do balancing stuff that just looks impossible, that’s just neurological training backed up with some, Tulsa Meal Delivery, some muscle. But here’s the truth, I’ve seen gymnast with huge bulky legs who can do some awesome, you know, routines usually at the Olympic level. But I’ve also seen tall, skinny gymnast who can do the same thing. So it wasn’t the muscle size that made the potential for that same.

Right? Yeah. I think a lot of it goes to, like, I,

I played golf very competitively and growing up are, you know, my high school coach, everybody was saying they kept us out of the weight room on purpose because it would, um, you know, they tighten you up, tighten this up or bulk us up. Tulsa Meal Delivery that’s, that’s still the mindset to a lot of golfers today. But as you start to see these athletes now, once they are professional golf, every one of them has a trainer, is her reason it’s injury prevention. The other strength. Yup, Yup. Yeah. The average golfer nowadays doesn’t have a beer gut and smoke cigarettes as they’re playing golf, that there are living longer. They’re the careers are longer. You’re still seeing guys on the PGA senior tour that are ripping the ball 300 yards because they had been training for the last 10 years. So none of them are bulky. I would, I would venture to guess.

Right. And you can see athletes of all I love intimate was one of my favorite things. Tulsa Meal Delivery, you know, cage fighting, you go into to, to spar and you didn’t know who was going to show up. Some guy would come in just ripped, tattooed out, and you’re like, this guy’s gonna rip everyone’s head off. And he would guess out within 30 seconds he had no strength. As soon as you locked up within, you’re like, Ooh, this is nothing. This other guy who looks like an accountant, you’re like, I’m going to rip his head off. And then you wake up from a coma, three months later he tore, you know, that’s just, I mean, we see this with professional fighters. Often. The Guy who looks like he’s an accountant is the winner every time over the guy who looks like he’s got the most strength

because of muscle bulk. So let’s, let’s take this a to say are our customers. So you’re a 40 year old woman, you know, should I just do like some Jane Fonda takes because I’m scared of the bulk or is it. What was the deal? You did listen to the tapes, the tapes or whatever it was. Work. Work your glutes. The total glute.

So hip thrusters.

What was it called? What do you mean? You used to do it every Friday night at 9:00 PM at, Tulsa Meal Delivery the, the centennial farm. What do you do? What was it called? Glutes by Jake or something?


Classic. And it’s kind of like the hip, hip. I always liked going to be on the, Tulsa Meal Delivery, the hip stuff at the gym. I’m like, remember? Remember, these were the eighties and I just have the shake weight at my desk. Right. It’s very pg when you walk into room

mills. Right, but yeah, I think the overall takeaway for the general customer of macro meals online.com is you have to train for the way that you want to look. If you don’t want to be big and bulky. A general fitness routine is not gonna make you look that way at all and you. Tulsa Meal Delivery It depends on your genetic potential and also what supplements you’re taking or not taking.

Right? Right. So essentially what we’re saying guys is there’s this myth is busted because I’m going to lift weights. I’m not going to get bulky. End of story and a story there. The other thing is I think it’s just the number one excuse that people use not to train, right? I think it goes to get bulky. I think it goes back, it goes back to get started somewhere and not only just weight training or cardiovascular training, it has to be fueled properly. And how do you feel that you’d go to a macro meals online.com and you’ll see and you can look on our website. Number one, we are Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. So do yourself a favor, go check us out, give us your thoughts. You can actually try us out right now. Two meals for $2 and twenty two cents. What I tell this guy’s crazy. Yes. Try your first two meals out for $2 and twenty two cents. And with that I want to thank our lovely guest today and if you have any questions, you can go to www.macromillsonline.com. And we’ll talk to you next time.

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