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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Myth Busting Eating Little

Good morning everybody and welcome to a another edition of the macro mills podcast and download rhyme, your host, Doug Greene, the cofounder of macro mills online.com. Go out on the web and check us out macro mills online.com and find out, read our reviews, find out why we are Tulsa’s number one, build, deliver service. And on today’s show what we’re talking about is the miss. So we had a great week here talking about all the myths we went over the BMI, the body mass index as a standard we busted, busted that myth. Next myth, we went over as bulky muscles from lifting and we busted that one. And the third one we went over his breakfast. Tulsa Meal Delivery I think that one’s still kind of out there, but we’ve pretty much busted it. And the last one we recovered in our previous show is longer workouts are better for weight loss, which we’re still up in the air on that one.

So I’m kind of half and half. So on today’s fifth and final myth, buster is eating little and often will boost your metabolism now today. So I’m also honored and pleased to have our cofounder, Ms Dot Sarah Green on here. Hi. And also we have the one, the only Mr. Jarrod, Josh, right? I was. I can’t talk. Tulsa Meal Delivery we also have a little one in the room. This, this, this show. Ms Dot Ruby. Can you say hi Ruby? Awesome. So rubies are. She’s going to hold us accountable through this entire podcast. So as we get started here, so jump right in. I’m eating little and often or boost our metabolism. Now I firmly believe in this as my body responds to that. Now you out there my, your body may respond differently than, than mine, but we do have the two brains here. So let’s get their take on it and we’ll start with Sarah. You know, is eating little and often. Does that really boosts your metabolism or what does the, what does science say about this

interesting thing is that there is research to say both. Tulsa Meal Delivery

Both. Okay. Now hold on a second. I brought you guys on here to be not busted. It’s going to be both.

So it’s, it’s going to be both, but I think everybody thinks that, oh my gosh, all right, tomorrow I’m gonna start a new diet. I’m going to start a new way of eating. I’m going to eat some macro meals, I’m going to do what I need to and I’m going to eat every two hours and only eat 200 calories, drip, drip, drip, nurture, and that’s going to get me to my results. However,

may or may not, depending on May or may not, depending on what you’re consuming. Tulsa Meal Delivery Is that just the goals? This, this one’s, this one’s interesting because it’s very, uh, every, it seems like, you know, you have people on both sides and say, this works for me and this doesn’t work for me. You’ve got to track it. You better look at it. Also, uh, not all food is created equal. So it’s like if I’m eating 200 calories every three hours of snickers bars, there’s not gonna be the same results. If that meeting the macro sensitive stuff every two hours, you know, you could find the Microsoft stuff. Think I know where to find. Where would you go to macrominerals online.com? It would be a probably a pretty good. I was going to start looking for some macro find out why we’re Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service.

And you could probably have some Mac macro centric food. Yeah. And I could get the first two for like $2 and twenty cents. You actually could josh and everybody else goes in will county dollars and twenty two cents for first blown regardless. Here’s the deal. Like, Hey, here’s, Tulsa Meal Delivery here’s the other problem with what we’re talking about. People think, and I run into this all the time. People get onto one thing and they stay on it for too long and it does. There seems to be science that indicates that we need to a cycle off of our different ways of eating.

So to have variety

you have to have variety. So every once in a while it’d be good to get away from eating two to three meals if you’re stuck in a Rut change and uh, observed what the change was and see what results. So essentially you’re saying the human body’s pretty smart. It can adapt. And adapt it gets used to that thing and if you do that for too long, it’s gonna, it’s gonna regulate to the whatever that is. So if I’m eating every three hours, small meals, I find from what I’ve seen and what I’ve studied, you have about a 60 day window of a really good effective body change. Sixty, 60, 60 days is usually where you’re going to see maybe 90 days if you’re, if you’re lucky after that you need to switch off and maybe try something else. So what I try to do is intermittent fasting for a while, which means I don’t, I only like one one or two meals a day. So let’s back it up live. It’s in case somebody didn’t tune into our previous show. Intermittent fasting is a small block of time where you’re going to eat during the day. So say six hours. What did you say Tulsa Meal Delivery. The example was?

A lot of people will stop eating at 8:00 at night, maybe 6:00 PM and then they won’t eat again until 11 or 12.

So that’s. So that’s what Joshua referring to about intermittent fasting. Change a little bit. Go ahead Josh. So you do that for awhile and uh, your body might change and then all sudden you realize, oh, I’m not changing anymore. So maybe you have to switch back up and start eating the Nike’s. Yeah, serious. But the ultimately the thing that like even with the food alteration and changing, which is very important and this is where like makes people to pull their hair out because you really have to like, this is why going to prefer, here we go, the hair. Ultimately this is what frustrates people. It’s always changing. It’s always shifting. That’s because the body is complicated. Tulsa Meal Delivery, the science is complicated. It’s also new science, but regardless you change it up. What I do think is very important though is no matter how you’re eating, if it’s intermittent fasting or if it’s three meals every two hours or if it’s, you know, however you want to eat macros are, are kind of one of the important things on that style.

They shouldn’t be the driving force of how you decide how you’re going to eat. How frequently are you.

And this comes down to like the krebs cycle and the like all sorts of metals. Now you did the breakout of all acronyms. So what is ultimately like sounds like some cheap bicycle that you couldn’t afford. Like I went and got a, got this bicycle and I said, hey, this is. Tulsa Meal Delivery The brain is called the Krebs Cycle. So what was hard about the body is how is the energy getting from the food to the cell to produce energy? That’s a crib. That’s the krebs cycle part of it. It’s one of the. It’s so complicated. I mean this is just the ATP. ATP is. This is this super complicated stuff, but ultimately you need macro and micronutrients is to get the body to work very well. What we’re seeing is African American diets, we’re getting too much of the wrong stuff, too. Little of the right stuff. It’s going to affect how well the body is reacting to the energy cycles.

So you’re saying that the macro mills, our company, when we balance them out at 30 to 40 percent proteins, 30 slash 40 percent carbs and the remainder of fats is a. yeah, that’s good. It’s a good. That’s a good system. And I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. I’ve, I’ve trained, you know, with using your food within a couple of hours. I feel like dominant when I’m training, I just makes me feel like I have that clean energy in me versus if I go have fast food in and go try to train, Tulsa Meal Delivery you can tell and you can see that you can feel the difference. So it’s not just calorie in, calorie out and it’s not just food timing. You got to do the Krebs Cycle. You can try slack it on the Krebs Cycle. It’s also timing when you’re going to train, how well you’re going to rest, all sorts of things. Caffeine can be a player, sodium can be a player. So, um, this is another one that’s the myth isn’t necessarily straight up busted. It’s, it’s, it’s complicated.

We’re making you think, I hope we’re making you. We want you to know why you’re Tulsa Meal Delivery like, I’m not thinking, I’m just giving a gun to go get my bag of twinkies and call it a day fitness fitness to keep my mouth. They hear us the good, the krebs cycle,

macro meals has figured out exactly how to fuel you, so if you just order the meals, how would you do that thing and the science behind it so you can do that by going to macro meals online.com, Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service, and you can have it all done for you. Tulsa Meal Delivery The ordering system is super easy to navigate and if you have any questions at any time, you can just go text now once you’ve got your account created and it will send you direct text messages and you’ll be chatting directly with somebody at our office.

Take those meals, eat them every three hours or even like in the window who doesn’t matter? That’s gonna. Be the best way, best food to eat, no matter what your timing of food is for sure. So we’re gonna. Leave this in the near I. Yeah, it’s complicated and it. Here’s the deal. That’s this. Everyone’s looking for simple answers on nutrition and exercise. It’s very complex. Genetics. We’re playing. All sorts of things are playing into it, but one thing that’s definitely not, you know, Tulsa Meal Delivery it’s kind of figured we’ve got this figured out is macros are important, uh, and people aren’t doing it right? Yeah. So, yeah, uh, what you need to do to sell your swing and get on the cribs and you good. Everybody got me? You say ATP that. Alright guys. Well thank you for being on the show and thanks to our special guests, Ruby for being on the show. And I’m your host, Doug. Do yourself a favor. Go out to the inner webs and find out why we’re Tulsa’s number one, meal delivery service macro meals online.com. And with that we’ll see you next time.

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