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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Where We Work

Good morning and welcome. This is another macro mills podcast and download on your host Douglas Green. I am the CEO. I’m also the CO founder and I’m also the executive chef of macro mills. We are Tulsa’s number one, most reviewed a meal delivery service. That’s right. Pulsive number one. Milled alert. Tulsa Meal Delivery Resurface. So on today. So what we’re going to do, we’re going to talk about a little about who we are and how we form of a company. I’m a little bit about myself and my beautiful bride, Sarah, and she’s also the other co founder and

the rest of the day. So we’re going to talk about Macros, you know, what are macros and how they apply to me. So let’s jump right in here. The first topic I want to kind of give you guys a background of who I am, who we are, how we formed, that kind of thing. Um, so I’ve been in the culinary industry for 20 plus years. I’ve had the, I guess you’d call it, fortunate gets his life of being around Cookson and chef my entire life, my mom, my grandma, and all of them were excellent cooks and I’ve just taking. I’m taken up to as a, as a young kid, I would always ask him questions, why this, why that, you know, I’m talking to, you know, four years old, I’m in the kitchen. I mean, Tulsa Meal Delivery learning how to do this stuff, you know, by six I was, I was making biscuits and gravy.

Sounds pretty country. That’s, that’s who we were back then. Um, I also worked in the military for quite a long time and throughout my travels I was able to gather a lot of different flavor profiles and in use it people that have tried my food, you’ll notice that there. I have a lot of southeast Asian influenced. Additionally, I spent a lot of time in the southwest of the country and that’s a lot of my food too. You’ll see a lot of southwest flair. Bobby flay, if you will. Tulsa Meal Delivery, anyways, that’s a little about me and my wife is exercise science is, her name is, Sarah will have her on a future podcast, but a, Sarah is been a lifetime fitness guru. She’s certified, she has an exercise science degree, she has multiple nutritional, uh, certifications, so as she’s Dietitians the whole nine. Additionally, on top of all that, she’s, she’s a competing NPC, a bodybuilder. So yeah, that’s just a pretty impressive resumes that she has. So how macro mills foreign buzz honestly was a need base. Right? So we were a service prepping for so last summer and she had a fall show coming up and


would look down on the counter and I was like, what in the heck is she doing? Right? She had all these meal prep containers, like, what in the heck do all bodybuilders do this? He goes, yes, we have to. Our macros have to be on point. Tulsa Meal Delivery then I was like, I Kinda knew what macros and we’re a little bit, you know, I kinda didn’t from my corner past. And she’s like, yeah, we have to wait the counter macro, everything has to be weighed. I’m like, do people there a service out there for that or do it all body builders do this? He was like, no, we all have to do with it because everything has to be accountable, blah, blah. So I was like, she went back into the bedroom and I’m sitting there a business mind that I am and I’m thinking a Dang what about macro meals?

And I swear it hit me like that. And within five minutes I ran into the bedroom. I was like, what about macro mills? She’s like, let’s be talking about because me being me, I said, entrepreneurial mind. Uh, she, she’s heard all my ideas. There’s hundreds of them, lily, but this one stuck. She’s like, I think you’re onto something here. So anyway, um, that’s how we formed. We, we brought her brains. I mean, let’s be honest, she was the brains of this operation. Tulsa Meal Delivery We brought her brains and my knowledge of the culinary world and we merged them together. Um, really what it was for me was learning how to cook all over again. I’m using healthier fats to cook with versus, you know, lard or butter to cook with. Um, so anyways, people ask this all the time, you know, why would you start a food company?

I’m like, it’s a good point. You know, I’ve, you know, Forbes clearly states 90 percent of all startups fail, 90 percent of all startups fail, you know, you know, what makes macro mills postal delivery service. What makes us so different, you know, why are we in business after a year? You know, we’re hitting our 13th, 14th month now. I’m like heavily stacked against you. Why would you do it? You know, why would he do it? Tulsa Meal Delivery, you know, I think it’s the passion and the drive that I have and the knowledge. And I’m a numbers guy. I mean, I’ve already had two failed businesses. I mean, come on guys. So I mean, I’ve got to be my favorite, right? So anyways, this is what it is, a passion for our clients, our customers, and really meeting a need that was out there. Um, so the company started out as a crossfitter, a bodybuilder, uh, that the athletes in mind and in our mills still to this day are that there based on that.

Um, but what it’s morphed into over the past 13 months is something more neat base for the everyday person. You know, we’re, we’re a, we’re a convenience company. That’s what it’s turned into is convenience with the added bonus of health. Tulsa Meal Delivery it’s, it’s cool to be a part of that. Um, so yeah, so that reminds me of, of, of a great quote from Elon Musk. He says, when something is so important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor. Let me repeat that. Elon Musk, correct. Everybody know who Elon Musk is. I’m hoping space x Guy Tesla. When something is so important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor. And I think I’m pretty sure that completely exemplifies. It’s this magnifier to macro mills. There are super important to us. Our family helped the benefits of the food.

We see people’s lives transforming a literally right before our eyes that people, you know, lose 30, 40, 50 pounds and, and they, they, they, it’s often the seat for us. So what I want you to do yourself a favor, go check out a macro mills google reviews. I mean, just go check out what people are saying about us. Tulsa Meal Delivery We are the number one reviewed Tulsa mail delivery service. Um, we are the home of the tribe to your very first two meals you get from aca mills are $2 and twenty two cents. You heard me right? So you’re in Tulsa, you need them, no delivery service. You can try us out for $2, twenty two cents. It’s a no brainer that, that everyone can get on board with.

So all you have to do is go to www.macromealsonline.com. And at the top of the page, just hit order. Now Order Online, I believe it says, and I’ll take you right into our menu. You can try software, $2, twenty two cents if you have more questions. If you’re on our website, you can click the contact us tab and somebody will be with you a very shortly. So anyways, let’s move on to our next topic. Um, you know, what are macros and what do they mean? You know, I’m a macro diet. Tulsa Meal Delivery Go the step further than a typical calorie counting, if you will. So what are macros? Macros is short for macronutrients. So what macronutrients is very high level looking into your proteins, your grams of carbs and the fat, right? So at macro mills, um, we’ve have a lot of scientific proof of this. This is not a fad diet per se.

Um, you know, we’re not the Quito, we’re not the, uh, weightwatchers or not any of that stuff where we are as a sustainable lifestyle. Basically what we’ve come down to. So what we do here, what we do a little bit different than, than everybody else’s, we do 30, 40, 30 to 40 percent of our grams, or 30 or 40 percent of our macros are going to come from proteins. A 30 slash 40 percent will also be carbohydrates and the remainder 20 slash 30 percent or I’ve got to be fast. And why is it so important? And it was like, you know, why are we watching Macros, blah, blah blah. So the state of obesity.org, check it out that Oklahoma ranks third in the most obese states in America. Tulsa Meal Delivery We’re ranked number three guys. This is, it’s a serious situation. Fifty one states. We’re number three.

Um, so this is something we were passionate about obviously. And we’re not the quick fix. We’re not coming. We’re not coming to be this immediate. You’re going to drop 50 pounds in two weeks. It’s not that we’re, we’re not that. We’re talking about a lifestyle change that you could actually enjoy the, I think you heard in there, you know, 30 slash 40 percent of our mills are carbohydrates. Yes, you can eat carbs and lose weight as long as it’s in proportional balance. Everything works out for you guys. So I have a quote here and it kind of goes in line with, with what I was saying there, you know Napoleon Hill, I’m sure you guys have heard of him. He says, patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. Let me repeat that. So Napoleon Hill says, patients that old time thing, persistence, keep after it. And perspiration. Tulsa Meal Delivery Let’s get 30 guys and make an unbeatable. They make an unbeatable combination for success.

So what I want you guys to do, everybody go out to Google if you need to do to Google, type in macro mills wholesome meal delivery service and see what our customers are saying about the second house. You have nothing to lose. You can go to our website, macro meals online.com. Click up popper says order online. Tulsa Meal Delivery It’ll take you right into our menu. You can try out Tulsa’s number one, meal delivery service for $2 and twenty two cents. Again, pulsive number one, reviewed mill delivery service for $2 and twenty two cents. You have nothing to lose. Guys. So with that, I want to end our show. I want to thank everybody for listening. I’m your host, Doug, and tune in next time for a another macro mills podcast and download. Thanks.

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