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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Five Things Lean Folks Do

Hello and welcome everybody to another macro mills podcast and download. Tulsa Meal Delivery I’m your host, Doug Greene. And on today’s show we have two very special guests. Or are they special guest or are they very special? Very, very special. Okay, so that’s important. So we have on the show today is our co founder of macro meals online.com, the Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. Sarah Green is on hand. What’s up, Sarah Hay and are trusted beloved friend from here in the big city of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The man with many hats, many talents. Here he is. Mr Josh. Right?

Hey, glad to be just as unhappy. Yes.

So on today. So it’s, it’s, it’s a cool one for me. I, Tulsa Meal Delivery, I’m not exactly the cleanest person, but I always liked to study other habits of successful people, whether that’s in business or in health or, or whatever that is. And so today we’re going to talk about five habits are five things that link people do know, I guess habits is gonna be

what? Habits, whereas, yeah, right. Yeah, definitely. Five things that didn’t you make a lean people different. Um, the first one is of course their ability to keep fidgeting and moving and fidgeting. It doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Yeah. They felt like even though it’s like, you know what, you’re just like throwing your. Like I often, when I’m sitting, my knee’s doing this, that actually matters. They come, a study found out that that’s actually a, an actual deal

for those of you that we don’t, we don’t have smellovision or, Tulsa Meal Delivery, or seeing podcast video podcast or Joshua’s actually fidgeting his legs and Sarah sent my couch in the Dojo of Mojo here. And it’s like, it’s like an earthquake all times smaller.

Yeah. Were fidgety people, but I don’t know if I’d call myself lean right now, Tulsa Meal Delivery but that’s okay.

Lead. We’re where there’s always a spectrum. I’m not miss my genetically. I am not a genetically lean guy at all. I had to fight tooth and nail to get my, you


green machine. You definitely. You definitely get more results for not trying hard. Tulsa Meal Delivery I know my two best friends that I trained with are both genetically just lean guys. It takes everything they can to gain weight. They have to eat a half a gallon of milk a day to try to get some weight on. Actually we tried literally with my friend Jasmine, all we through the sink at him trying to get some weight on him because he walks around at like one 70 and he wants to, you know, put on some weight, can’t do it. So yes, he moves a lot and yes, he’s a disciplined person but there’s also some other things are genetic. So yeah. So

will be the first thing lean people do that, you know, us other normal people. Well,

so like the, like Josh was saying and I was talking about the steps, the fidgeting, Tulsa Meal Delivery, they get more activity throughout their dates and as actually there’s a scientific term called non exercise

activity thermogenesis and it at the acronym is neat and it just means like, it’s just so neat. So neat. So say that one time. So it was neat. Tulsa Meal Delivery What does it stand for? It’s non exercise activity thermogenesis. So it’s activity that’s not planned. Exercise in the beginning or in the yard

is a very simple why drummers are always the leanness guy in the band because they’re fidgeting and constantly honestly, you know, moving the whole time. That’s why I don’t like the music thing and you know, people who prefer to like, you know, be moving while they’re reading or watching tv, you know, either on the treadmill or to be just like moving throughout the house. I can’t stand sitting for too long. It hurts for me to sit. I just, I had to get up and move. So that’s number one. Number two, definitely on our list is people who pursue proteins and vegetables primarily. Like I’m an eight can be plant based proteins or you know, a meat based proteins, but people who prefer a vegetables and protein,

Easter Green. Do you know how you can do that, Josh? I know, yeah. You could go to macro meals online.com and you can go see why macro mills online is Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service and pursue the proteins that want to put that up above big time. Big Sign. Pursue the proteomics.

I tell people all the time, if you want to make a nutrition simple, this does pursue fiber and protein to protein, that’s the easiest way to do it. Oh, you know what about this day and I get people all the time and you know, what about this, what about this, what about that? Just, hey, check your Tulsa Meal Delivery Are you getting enough fiber in the day and you get enough protein

and you can get that through macro models online. Tulsa’s number one, meal delivery service, because we do a balance of proteins. We actually have fiber in our meals with our mixed vegetables or Broccoli. There’s another added bonus, but they keep you full longer. Exactly. Station. Tulsa Meal Delivery

Is that right? That’s the association. This is a Chinese restaurant concept. If I go to eat Chinese food, why am I hungry 20 minutes later? Okay. The reason is is because they give you simple carbohydrates either to the rice and the process noodles there is pretty good, um, protein at a Chinese restaurant, but they also just soak it full of sugar. All that stuff makes me hungry 20 minutes later. Whereas if I eat a ton of vegetables and good protein, lean protein, especially, boy, Tulsa Meal Delivery am I going to be satisfied for longer periods of time

and we’ve really focused on that concept. Macro Mills, mills online.com. Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. Yes. Oh, okay. Cool. So what’s our next? Our third or third thing that Pete Link people do?

This is one of my favorites. That’s kind of a new thing that I’ve been studying and I really like. It’s probiotics, a people who have a good microbiome. Now I’m excited to hear about this. This is interesting because it’s not just a, you know, what you eat because vegetables help you with that. That microbiome, eating good ligaments, good natural food that’s not processed or chemically altered or you know, completely made up by human beings like twinkies are like, that’s not even a food at all. It’s not. Not at all. Yeah. It’s that as a plastic. Yeah. Freaking Frankenstein foods. You got to watch out for those. I thought that was a fitness tweaking that wasn’t healthy. No, no. Not at all. Fit Fitness, fitness, twinkie and my mouth. You got to watch out for that stuff, but also, um, you know, people who are using too much antibiotic on there with their soap on their skin, people who aren’t getting out into nature enough getting into the dirt enough, uh, these things are killing our healthy bacteria that’s in our stomach.

And people who have a less of good bacteria in the stomach are usually more obese. So get out, plan the dirts, uh, get out and you hear that hands with people, you know, get some germs. Having pets helps, all sorts of stuff that people are walking around constantly. Germx don’t drink, mix and try not to use antibiotics unless completely 100 percent necessarily the muscle of a prescribed thing. Yeah, absolutely. You know what I mean? I’m, no, I’m no doctor. So, uh, you know, I am put the waiver on that. Uh, sometimes you do need a antibiotics for severe things, but people run to a way to quickly know, have that cold for the extra four days to let your body do it. Actually fight. Tulsa Meal Delivery It grows. You know what I love about, it’s like you’re, you’re a coating, you’re a computer program. When a virus is comes to a computer program, how do you, how do you defend that? You have to learn it’s code. You’ve got to understand it and then understand how to change the code, right? Yup. To, to block it. Now that’s what your body is. Human bodies had been doing for centuries, for centuries and millennia. Most likely we take a new virus, the white blood cells learned that new virus and then create the antibody to it. But if we don’t train our bodies to do that, what we’re going to be

and that’s the true relationship between it and yeah, food, right? Or our bodies because what do you think? They got that name virus from it because it’s exactly from the human body. It’s very something relatable that we can dissect I guess. Right? Absolutely. So what about taking a probiotic supplement? Tulsa Meal Delivery What do you recommend as far as how many, um, I use. You should get an in that. And how many strains of bacteria should you be looking at?

Definitely in the new frontier of that, the science is like, you know, very young five years to 10 years. For me personally, I prefer trying to get it the natural way either through, you know, foods that are high in good probiotics, for example, Kimchi, fermented fermented foods, and, you know, Sauerkraut, whatnot. Also, Tulsa Meal Delivery I love Kombucha, the drink that you can buy at Walmart and everywhere else now. Um, I prefer that because supplements always have, you know, either a, a drawback or they’re just not well studied yet. We just don’t understand them and I think it’s easy to, to make those as a product to sell and harder to study them. So I try to do it the natural way with the foods that are already there and I was trying to get out into nature and I try to go ahead and keep my cold for a few more days just to learn, you know, just little, little tips like that. So I don’t know about. I wouldn’t use too many supplements. I tried to use it. Do

Natural as possible. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We, we at macro mills do a lot of, uh, go do chain, that kind of thing for a minute, and the fact that you use

locally sourced meats and fruits and vegetables or fruits or vegetables especially that is naturally high in probiotics. So, Tulsa Meal Delivery, you know, eating, eating, your local environment, physical environment is way better than, you know, these who knows where that came from, you know, how much did they spray that down to keep it from breaking down into a, you know,

so we have steps, uh, where we, uh, where we have the neat thing we have pursuing protein and veggies, it, probiotics, what would be the fourth accident and for our listening audience.

So that would be genetic factors. Yep. So you’re predisposed or are you kind of have a set kind of diagram for how you’re going to look based on your genetics?

You’re talking about jeans? Yes, like Levis, Strauss, generic or genetic.

So, yeah, I mean, you’re, you kind of have a predestination of how you’re going to look based on how your parents look. Tulsa Meal Delivery, and no matter what kind of exercise and Diet you implement your, you may always, if you’ve got obese parents, find it hard to keep a lean body. Yup.

There is a spectrum of what you can do, what you can do within your genetic potential is what they say, but the control that you have over your genetic potential is found in two primary sources. And that is diet, exercise. So, uh, eat the right foods, get that prep probiotic and healthy and exercise correctly, and you’ll, that’s where you have the most, Tulsa Meal Delivery

I think fighting chance, meet a genetic, define that in a, in a future podcast, defining what is proper exercise and how you cannot out train a bad diet. But how you can get a good diet is go to macro mills online.com and see why macro mills online is Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. So we’ve got four great accident for audience was the fifth and final one for our listening folks out there is consistency and making it a daily habit to keep up with these other four that we mentioned. Discipline, discipline, discipline and consistency. It seems like a, a resounding, like two things that we talk about on this podcast constantly, consistently we’re talking about.

So is that it makes me wonder if more type a personalities are leader than the other types because so they like the routine and whatnot. I am not, I am someone who has to fight to keep a routine and a discipline. So I understand the struggle is real. Um, you heard you heard because, Tulsa Meal Delivery, I, I do not like routine or habits. I like Josh is our objective person. Exactly. So, but I’ve found in everyone’s own way in my way, I have become way more disciplined than I ever was before by training and, and, and doing the things that make me feel healthy and pursuing that stuff. My friends who were like very type A, I don’t shake a stick at them as far as their routines, but that’s okay. Within your ability get as disciplined and structured on healthy lifestyle, especially on getting great foods in you and, and being consistent in your movement.

Cool. Well with that I’ll, I’ll do a quick recap. So first we’re gonna do is you’re going to do be neat. Why does that stand for Sarah non exercise activity thermogenesis, but in short it means all activity that is not planned. Exercise

be the fidget spinner.

Yeah. Uh, the second one is pursuing the protein. A third, a nother. Yeah. Probiotics. Five or four is you have genetic factors, not your Levi Strauss jeans. And then lastly is being consistent and say, I’m a, the average listener out here. How would I get in touch with somebody like yourself? Joseph, Tulsa Meal Delivery I want to learn more about these five steps.

Yeah, for me. Uh, you can find me at, right fixed media on Instagram, facebook, and youtube there. You’ll see some of my. I’ve got a few videos about how to, you know, not be fat, not be fat, need different. Also some fitness challenges that might inspire you, but if you have any direct questions you can dm me through any of those. Um, Tulsa Meal Delivery,

cool. Any final thoughts from you, Ms Dot Green? No, that covered it. Cool. Well, do yourself a favor. Go to macro meals online.com and see why we’re number Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service. Until next time.

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