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Let’s talk about pillar guys. Welcome back to another edition of the macro mills podcast and download, you know, we probably need to get a, a cool name for this podcast. I mean the, the macrominerals podcast and download. It’s ours, but we need to come up with a, with a good one. Tulsa Meal Delivery a macro cast, the macro cast, I mean, that’s like super high level cap. They don’t know what the takeaway was, talking about general terms. There’s a bunch of scatter brained people, which is Kinda true. True. So anyways, on today. So, uh, what we’re talking about is the foam roller, the also known as the devil, the devil as I call it devil bobby because I have made your back issues and all that stuff. And then my it bands middle finger me, that kind of thing, you know. Anyway. So, uh, we are joined at the table today by Mr Josh Fry. Welcome. Welcoming. That’d be bad. Can I get back? So just tell me about the foam roller. Is it good? Is it bad?

Is it a love hate thing? You love to hate it. It’s definitely it. It’ll definitely make you feel more pain than stretching. So a lot of people are, we’re, you know, less apt to try that. They’re used to being like the whole stretch that you did in high school and you know, Tulsa Meal Delivery the marines probably had you stretch because the foam roller showed up probably, you know, really heavy five years ago. Um, some, uh,

exercise scientists like Kelly Starr at and some other people, um, we’re doing some major research on myofascial release, which is being able to release the tension in the muscle without straining it. So what they discovered, and I’m trying to look up the book, I’m doing a bad job right now, but I’m trying to look at the book. I think it’s called the first 10 minutes. Was it talking about the first time I said waking up or. No, it’s like, you know, before, like when you’re starting to train the first 10 minutes of training. Yes. Um, and you know, I listened to this person on NPR for an hour. It was a phenomenal writer and now I can’t, I’m trying to find it. Will link it if I find it interesting to you later, but yeah, ultimately this author Kelly Starr at and some other people really did some fantastic research in the last 10 years that has started to come out and stretching is not beneficial as they thought. It actually can make you a injury prone, but myofascial release via phone rolling or Voodoo floss or some of those other things either way quicker where I’d take 20 to 30 minutes of warm up the muscles. Um, by stretching a new normal, traditional, I can now do it like literally under three minutes if I use Voodoo floss. Tulsa Meal Delivery I know the proper technique on a foam roller. So you just started with me here recently.

Yeah, I did. Man. It, it’s, it’s again, it’s, it’s a love hate thing. Love to hate the foam roller man. Right? We have one in our house. I was pretty, uh, I would start my day out in the first five minutes. That’s why I was asking about the 10 minutes, but the first five minutes of waking up to get like Tulsa Meal Delivery the nervous system going in every morning to scab, blood flow, blood flow. And then I was always in pain because I’ve had a spine injury. So

when I first started training too, I was training with a guy named Jonathan Fowler and he’s just a animal, but he’s also type a so he would do these really structured foam rolling and Voodoo floss warmups. And we’re like, come on John, come on, let’s start doing back squat, let’s go. No, and you get through the whole regimen. Tulsa Meal Delivery then he was making way more progress than us and he would never get injured. So we finally said, alright, let’s see what this is all about. So we started using his method and then, you know, he had the book supple leopard, Kelly Starr at, which is like, like kind of the now a major universities are using that to the Bible of. Yeah, of mobility is pretty much, but for me then. So, uh, like what really changed the game for me is I have a old injury in my knee, I blew off my femur and growth growth plate in my knee in seventh grade.

Before that I got caught in American round in third grade and messed up the ligaments so it was primed to get demolished in seventh grade. Tulsa Meal Delivery then in college I had another major injury to that same knee where I had to have another surgery. So Dr told me, well, you’re screwed. I mean like, you pretty much, it’s over for you. You never go to the gym again, you’re never going to squat again. And they said, don’t run long distances and don’t squat your leg, you know, my, my right leg never even was able to grow to its full size of the left leg, his left leg, I was on crutches in a seventh grade for six months. Post recovery. Yeah, because open knee surgery was gnarly. So, um, I just had it in my head. That’s, it never got to be a squatter. I would, I would try to run, I can make it.

I try to do in, when I was 26 I thought I’ll try and marathon made it 13 miles. Sure. Nothing he gave out. So I didn’t know anything about Voodoo floss. I didn’t know anything about foam rolling. I didn’t know anything about Kelly Starr at a fast forward a few years later I get exercise science and nutrition and then started hanging out with John and we started training, um, in like I’m studying exercise science and mobility is really kind of last on their thing. You learn a lot more about like blood flow and a vo two Max’s and how, Tulsa Meal Delivery, what energy systems or where, and honestly it does cover a little bit of mobility. But even in the college courses it was more about stretching. So once we switched over to that, all of a sudden I was back squatting maybe to 25, not even to get the right to parallel almost box squat it and they’d have someone have to spot me. Um, and then I said enough’s enough. And I went hardcore on the mobility and within a year I was like up to 4:15 to the floor. So

that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s coupled with diet and diet. Sleep leave, you know, where you can get your point. I know where I

love to get my diet on point and build a macro meals online.com. That’s right. And try your first three meals for 10 in twenty three cents. Actually, I’ll tell you right now too, I, I’ve said this multiple times if you’ve been listening to this podcast, but I’m a, I love the food, you know, and I can. The other part of it it’s like, you know, I can love other food but I eat your stuff and an hour later when I go train I just got more in the tank. I think it was. I think a lot of that goes strictly back to Tulsa Meal Delivery, the balance, how we do things of the 30 to 40 percent protein, 30 to 40 percent carbs and the remainder fat. But uh, I want to go back a little bit on, on Foam Rolling and, and uh, maybe the benefits or maybe some of the pros and the cons.

But. So you’ve been with you and I had been training now for a little over a week or so. Uh, so you have me fully jumped right in. We know we’re not messing around. Yeah. And I think like today when we trained you or like you noticed, uh, a significant difference super fast and I found this like you, Tulsa Meal Delivery when you first came in, you were not squatting to parallel. Your back was rolling. Uh, so, you know, something wasn’t in support and then if we put you on anything that was unstable, the shake that you would have just still there, which is still there, but it’s getting better. So, um, you know, it’s training the nervous system first and foremost, training the brain to know what’s going on. But I just feel like when you, like, you know, you come in and you put on Voodoo floss and you do the foam rolling your, you take five minutes, it does take five minutes and then boom, you are ready to go.

I mean, I’ve, and I used to walk in, uh, two things I discovered was Voodoo floss and Tarin tolerating the supplement because in the year that I got my basketball from 2:25 to 4:15, of course there was a few times where I had soreness to 11 and I mean barely like falling into the toilet. It’s knee buckling. Tulsa Meal Delivery every time you step out of the car you’re gonna like, you know, uh, you don’t want to sneak. You literally can’t walk without your knees given off, you know. So I would put on, I started using tarring, the pill form, which you can find Tarin and everything, but the pill form seemed to be really cheap and it helped me out a ton. But then I wear the cloth kind of moderately for an hour and it would like flush it all the lactic acid and I feel good for you.

Where the floss for an hour. I would put it on lightly, like I’ve put it on like at 10 to get you five minutes. Tulsa Meal Delivery then when I train, uh, like today I was doing back squat, I put it on super tight and I do a, a set of 1:35 back squat, and then I move it into a set of one 85 back squat. So really this is it. We talk about always about the pre. What about post workout or post rest day? Something that we just always, it’s always flushing out lactic acid which is going to heal the muscle quicker. It’s going to bring blood, fresh blood to this, to the source, which is going to give you. That’s the healing. The healing is in the blood, you know what I mean? Not just Jesus is the healing in the blood. It’s not just, I’m just, you know, feel theological concept is true when you flush out lactic acid, just scar tissue that you’re flushing out and then bringing in new blood, now it read catches and the whole thing of like, you know when you have soreness, that muscle lactic acid in the muscle is connected.

So when you move it, it rips a little bit. That’s the pain, right? So when you flush it out, drink good water, eating a good nutrition, rest well and then also use that Voodoo floss and foam rolling. You’re going to recover faster, you’re going to be running marathons. And I like the thing about like, Udi find even get into crossfit. You exactly. I can walk into the gym hurts like my legs are shot and if I do the warmup right, I’m ready to go and I get through another workout. Now I’m going to, I’m still going to have to do recovery after that. But I’ve seen it time and time again where people think they’re injured and they’re religious. Uber Sore. Now there are some certifications like, you know, some, uh, national certifications that consider all soreness and injury. I’m not with them on that, but ultimately, even if you’re injured, quote unquote, the foam roller and Tulsa Meal Delivery, the Voodoo floss are still.

Yeah. So before I had my first spine surgery, my in my, my cervical, uh, Dr Jeremiah Williams here in town, he said, you know, he gave me the tennis ball and the foam roller. He said, good afternoon. I’m like, man, it hurts like hell. He’s like, but if you stop moving, even if you’re injured, you’re going to get worse. Fossilizes yeah. You just want to keep you, you have, you’re not static. You either go on one way or the other either getting better or you’re getting worse. So. And I, I did my whole life. I baby that knee, Tulsa Meal Delivery you know, I now like I went to New York when I was 29 or 36 miles into walking and I had to go buy a cane for two years old at 30 years old. Now I’m 36. I just took my daughter there and she’s a 70 pound six year old and I had her on my back, you know, for miles.

We walked them out and I, my leg was great. It’s never been stronger. I can run on now that I’m a writer, but I can run longer. I can do everything a more capable of all life requirement movements with my legs because of foam rolling and Voodoo floss for sure. Well thanks Josh for your information. They, if somebody were wanting to get ahold of you and talk about more, bounce a foam rolling and maybe a better their lifestyle through personal training or that way, what’s a, a good place to contact you, Josh? You can find me on all social media platforms if you just, uh, look up, right? Fix a right fixed media or Josh, right? Which is harder to do on facebook because, uh, there’s a lot of Josh writes, but look up, right? Tulsa Meal Delivery Fixed media and I’m there on Youtube, on their facebook. I’m there somewhere on twitter. Don’t look that one up. I will find that one and I’m definitely there on instagram at right. Fix. So find me out there and uh, yeah, shoot away. Cool. Well what? That guy’s a. What

the other part of Joshua is? Foam rolling and personal training. You need nutrition and we are the people that provide the nutrition macrominerals online.com. Tulsa Meal Delivery I’m your host Doug. And with that we’re out who’s.

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