Tulsa Meal Delivery | Habits of The Lean

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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Habits of The Lean

what’s up everybody? It’s your boy doug here from macro mills. And on today’s show we have a very special guest, a, if you guys haven’t had a chance to go check out www.macromealsonline.com. Macro Mills is Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service through some of favorite. Go check it out. Www dot macro mills online.com. And from there you can click on the order online and you can see what we’re all about. Um, you can actually read our reviews. Are you going to order two meals for $2 and twenty two cents right now. Macro Mills is Tulsa’s number one. Reviewed meal delivery service. So on today’s show we have a very special guest. We have Sarah Green, she’s our co owner. Say, Tulsa Meal Delivery Hey sir. Hey, what’s up everybody? So on today. So what we’re going to do, we have a few of these sales coming up when we talk about obviously our mail delivery service of Tulsa, but

we’ll have different topics and we have the brains of the organization with the. So on today’s. So what we’re going to do is talk about five things, link people do but us other chubby people don’t. Yes I did. I get here podcast. It is really. And you know, if I were Chubby I would go check out a tulsa meal delivery service like macro mills online.com. So today we’re going to go over some, some, uh, some things that link people do, we’ll give you some statistics about that will serve well and then some quotes and then as always, we want to give you some action items when we, when we give these podcast because we can give you a ton of content. But without action that really doesn’t mean anything. So. So Sarah, tell us what are a few of the things that lean people do? Oh, I’m sorry. Let’s introduce Sarah. Let me take a step back. So

sir, introduce yourself. So my name is Sarah Green. Like Doug mentioned, I’m the co owner of macro meals online.com and I’m an exercise physiologist and nutrition coach and kind of what Doug said, the brains behind the operation. So anytime you said a Nami, but anytime that Doug has a recipe or has some sample, yes, I thoroughly, not necessarily on the taste, but on the macros, making sure that it’s healthy for everybody no matter what their goals are. So I’m the one that gets to tell him no, at least in the business, you know, I don’t really do that at home.

Everybody loves butter. I like butter. So anyway, sense onto our, our topic today. What are some of the things that link people do that others don’t? What it’s like, what’s the number one thing?

So the number one thing that, that I’ve seen from watching lean people, Tulsa Meal Delivery, I have a friend that is lean no matter what she does, but when you watch exactly what she does, it’s not necessarily that it, quote unquote, comes easy for her. She’s just like that. There’s actually quite a few things that she does that’s different than what most people do. And one of those things is she works out daily, daily, daily, and not necessarily like head to the gym, change clothes, get your sweat on, do 30 minutes of Cardio and then weight training, all of that good stuff. Some of her workouts would be gardening or working out in the yard, but she makes a point to stay active for at minimum I would say 30 minutes to an hour every single day.

What is the like, I think that was the, I don’t know what the company is or the. The organization and say you needed it to exercise. Like was it 200 minutes or 120 minutes.

One hundred. One hundred 50 minutes is minimum per week. That two and a half hours roughly. Yeah. That’s easy. Tulsa Meal Delivery

That’s like. And you can like garden and that’s considered exercise.

Yeah. It’s high enough intensity that yes, as long as you’re moving continuously. And so it’s not, you know, do a little bit of mowing, drink a few beers. It’s nothing like that. So that’s um, I think a lot of people perceive yard work.

Awesome. So we’ve got that exercise daily or 150 minutes a week, you know, or you can be like, let’s do it all two and half hours at once. Does that count? That doesn’t. Dang. All right. So what’s the, what’s the second one that somebody, somebody can listen to our podcast and say, Hey, I’m working out daily and get this in my routine. Tulsa Meal Delivery, what’s another thing?

And people need to plan ahead. So by planning ahead, you’re not going to fail yourself. Tulsa Meal Delivery if there’s a specific goal that you’re working towards, you need to make sure that you’re thinking about it every step of your day, thinking about it ahead of time so that you’re prepared. So I know I’ve got a 1:00 meeting at 2:00 meeting and my normal work workout time, if I’m taking a break from work is during that time, I’m going to need a restructure my day accordingly. So to make sure that I’m getting in that.

So you’re being intentional about your schedule. Yes. There’s a take. Be Intentional about your schedule so you can plan ahead, plan ahead. And if you’re planning, you might as well just go over to macro mills online.com and plan out your week because the number of the number one meal delivery service in Tulsa. Yes. Okay. So after I’ve gone and looked@macromillsonline.com and check out the Tulsa mill delivery service, what’s the third thing I’m going to look for? What’s another good point for our listeners? So Tulsa Meal Delivery

actually my third point was to meal prep. Oh, like Tulsa neoprep. Yes. So meal prepping is becoming more and more popular because people want to be healthier, but they know that they don’t have the time needed to cook everything from scratch to put the time and the effort into thinking ahead and, and to making sure that are all their meals are balanced to cook multiple different kinds of protein. So it’s just easier sometimes when you can hire somebody to do that for you to do the thinking and Tulsa Meal Delivery it’s worth a lot of times the money for just the convenience alone.

So say somebody doesn’t have, let’s say a, a, Tulsa Meal Delivery, some income that’s, that wouldn’t allow them to do a meal prep or meal delivery service in the Tulsa area. Is it best to plan out their meals for like the day so they know ahead of they’re not like wandering through their pantry?

Absolutely. Or you know, a lot of times what I’ll do is I’ll actually take grocery store trips with clients and just map them through the store so that they can see how to efficiently by things and to make sure that they only have things in their refrigerator, in their pantry that are healthy because if you buy it, you or somebody you love is going to eat it. So if you don’t want to eat that stuff, don’t buy it. But shopping the perimeter is basically a good general rule to follow when grocery shopping, Tulsa Meal Delivery

that’ll be a good topic. Someday. Maybe talk about the grocery store shopping and what we should be looking for. Absolutely. Tulsa Meal Delivery So what’s, what’s another good topic or

point for our listeners? A protein and veggies primarily. If, if you really want to make a big impact on the leanness of your physique, Tulsa Meal Delivery you want to maintain your muscle mass and burn off maybe a little extra fat. If you’ve got extra.

Remember you said proteins and Veggies, just say send them bombs. No, no, no. What about Hershey’s chocolate kit? Kats does sound really good, but no, that’s. That’s not part of it. No. All right,

so protein and veggies will definitely slow me down.

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