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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Eating At Home

Hello and welcome to another edition of the macro mills minute podcast. I’m your host, Doug Greene, and we are changing lives one meal at a time. So I am the CEO. I’m also the CO founder and executive chef of macro mills. Tells US number one, reviewed meal delivery service. Tulsa Meal Delivery Uh, I am married to the Co founder, Mr Sarah Green. She’s also known as the brains of this operation. She has more degrees than thermostats in the Middle East. So together we have three beautiful children I’m super proud of. Um, I have zero discernible talents to speak of. So today’s show, what we’re talking about is breast. You got it. Everybody wants to know about them. Breast, get your mind out of the gutter. Folks, come on. It’s chicken breast time. So I get asked all the time, Doug, how do you cook a moist chicken breasts? And I say, how do you not? It’s not that hard guys. You’re making it too hard.

So I want to give you a little statistic and it’s near and dear to my heart. I come from a very poor background. Um, I have a scarcity mindset, so to speak, um, but I’m not dwelling in that, but I just learned from it. Um, there’s a statistic statistic for you guys that are into those. I’m 35 million tons of food are wasted each and every year in the United States. Thirty $5 million tons. They say that the average American household is throwing away $2,200 of food each year. Twenty $200. The average American throws away 300 pounds of food each year. More than 20 pounds of food is wasted per person every month in the United States. Folks, 20 pounds per month. Uh, yeah, that’s a lot. Tulsa Meal Delivery so what I say is let’s stop wasting food. And let’s start by dop burning your chicken breast. Stop trying the mouse. It’s not 1930. You can still have a cooked chicken breasts and have it moist and very delicious. So anybody can cook chicken breast, everybody, everybody, you can do it. I promise you get. But you can’t cook a moist. Well, that’s the problem. That’s where we’re running into is everyone can’t cook a moist chicken breast. Um, we’re in Oklahoma and backyard barbecues are

pretty commonplace. Um, summertime, you know, everybody’s gathered around gotTa, throw it on the chicken and I cringe when I go to somebody else’s houses, cooking chicken that doesn’t know how to cook chicken. I’m not judging you people, uh, but you know who you are, um, you lather it up in a dry seasoning and then you lather it up and barbecue sauce and then you throw it on a 300 degree charcoal grill and it comes out black like, man, I don’t even do this. So what I want you to do, Tulsa Meal Delivery everybody taking notes out there, write this down, pound it out, yes, pound out your chicken breast when you get into home from the store, rinse them off, pound them out with a mallet,

but some Saran wrap. Um, another little trick, a little tip you could do by chicken on the bone, but I don’t like eating chicken on the bone. You must like dried chicken breast. Another trick you can do Brian, your chicken breast. Yes, Brian and folks, it’s a great way to do, especially you guys. Okay? Smoking them, you’re going to be flicking them for a lot longer. A poultry adapts well to Brian, whether that’s your chicken or Turkey. Um, I would suggest taking the chicken, um, say you have five pounds of chicken. I would use about a gallon of water a. After that gallon of water, I would add equal parts of a salt and brown sugar. So you would brian that putting your fridge covered for anywhere from eight to 12 hours. Overnights is fine when it’s out of the brine, you can rinse it off on your sink again and pat it dry. Let it sit out for a little bit and then you can smoke it. Tulsa Meal Delivery If you’re smoking it, say years, you’re searing it in your kitchen. You don’t want to go outside, it’s cold outside. It’s not summertime.

Sear it. Um, so you want to get your pan. Hot Pan has to be hot. It’ll lock in any protein that don’t just go for chicken breast or any other type of pillar. This goes for most proteins. Get your pan super hot, then add your oil. Don’t add your oil to the cold pan. Once you have a smoke point, I’m on your oil, then add your protein. Um, it will sear the outside of them. Very, very colorful. I mean, you’ll see the brown piece of chicken. A lot of home chefs will wonder how do those guys do it in the restaurant? Well, this is, I’m telling you that sear it for two minutes each side and finish it in the oven. Three 50 for about 12 minutes and you’re good to go. You’ll have a moist chicken breast and you can thank me later. Tulsa Meal Delivery So with that said, all you guys are now chicken experts.

Um, what I’d like you to do, if you’d like to try out my breast, my chicken breast, your a favorite, and go find out why macro meals is Tulsa’s number one. Reviewed meal delivery service. There is, um, uh, we’re officially the number one reviewed middle service that is, um, you can go to macro meals. You can go to www.macromealsonline.com. And read our reviews, go to our contact us tab. If you want to get in touch with me, want somebody in my staff will reach out to you. I’m going to google this google search, Tulsa’s meal delivery service, and you’ll see us up there. Um, you can click a or online button, um, and you can try us out right now for $2 and twenty two cents. Tulsa Meal Delivery That’s right. Two dollars, twenty two cents.

Once you tried this out and you say, man, I would like to get this for free. Guess what? You can, that’s right. You can try us out for $2 and twenty two cents. And all you have to do to get free food is give us a transparent view on Google and we’ll hook you up with some free food coming up on our future podcast. I wanted to give my wife an opportunity to, to jump on here with us. I’m Sarah Green, will be joining me. Uh, we have some great topics coming up. I’m pretty excited about. It’s five things. Lean people do five things that link people do, uh, that others aren’t. Um, we’ll talk about some, some protein, you know, uh, how much should you be taking once the correct a percentage of our body weight, Tulsa Meal Delivery that kind of thing, and that we have a whole week dedicated to busting this in the health and wealth of health realm. I would call it a, we’ve talked about the BMI. I’m bulky muscles from lifting for you women. Um, the importance of breakfast a longer workouts are better for weight loss. Is that a myth? Is it the truth? Eating little and often boosts metabolism. You know, I struggle with this all the time. I.

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