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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Sleep Deprivation

Welcome to another macro mills podcast and download where I am your host, Douglas Green founder, founder of macro meals online.com. Tulsa’s number one, number one meal prep, or the number one reviewed meal prep company. Nice. Love it. That’s a lot of reviews. A lot of reviews to Tulsa. Yeah. Yeah. Big shout out to all our Tulsa and bottles with people, man for making it happen, man. It’s pretty cool. Uh, so on today’s show we are honored to have josh on our show. Again, Josh says, are our plethora of knowledge the man of many hats, as you’ve all heard in previous additions, but on today’s show, what we’re talking about is the effects of sleep deprivation, uh, the, the Tulsa Meal Delivery, effects of not getting enough rest, that kind of thing. And you know, Ceos like me that never sleep, you know, I, I, I thrive on, you know, lack of sleep four to six hours, probably not good for our training.

Yeah, yeah. It affects your recovery, it affects your brain more than you think it is one of those different. Everyone’s bread. Oh yeah, yeah. I have this pulled up, you know, another podcast that you could listen to you right after you’re done listening to this one. What are you talking about? The macro mills. He’s going to listen to the Mac mills, you know, online pad podcasts. But after you’re done with this one, you can double check what I’m about to say because it’s on the Joe Rogan experience. So Joe, episode 11. Oh, nine, Tulsa Meal Delivery if you will. We have a long way to go. He’s been doing it for awhile now and he speaks with the sleep specialist and Dr Matthew Walker and Matthew Walker points out that it doesn’t matter. There are people who do have less sleep as a discipline or as a regular basis, but there are diminishing returns.

There are effects on the brain and it can be minor or major and it could have, you know, all things like the brain, uh, you know, they’re finding out that most nfl players have um, brain injuries. But how you know, expresses itself is not quite yet. No. So you could go your whole life only get four hours of sleep, lived to be 96. And You tell your kids, oh my God, you know, that that can happen for you. But it’s kind of like that grandma grandma’s, Tulsa Meal Delivery I smoke a pack a day my whole life and not that happen. Most people are going to have negative effects

from not. So is it, is it a cumulative? Like is it like say you, you, you know, you’re, maybe you’re in your mid twenties and, and you, you may go out to bars, you may, uh, overindulged a little bit and you’re not getting true rest. Does that accumulate over Tulsa Meal Delivery time and does it get worse on the body as it more like a cognitive reason? Is that what? I’m not a specialist

on this. I do know like on exercise, nutrition and science, exercise science, they are big on two things. The things that if you want to see the biggest results in your muscle, it’s the nutrition and the rest I’m training is actually a small part of it. Yeah, way smarter. It’s number three in the tiers. Yeah, it’s sleep, nutrition, then exercise. And everyone puts most emphasis on exercise and nutrition and sleep last. It should be the other way. Sleep is going to give you the most bang for your buck and returns. So that’s just how, I mean, the thing that Kinda bummed me out about when I listened to this, Tulsa Meal Delivery this expert is like I, you know, sleep pretty regularly through the week and have a pretty disciplined schedule.

What is, what’s, what’s normal?

I tried to get to bed at 8:30 and I’m in the gym at six, so that’s a pretty good eye. I am not one of those sleep deprivation guys. I do not do well on four hours of sleep. I start to lose my mind after awhile and I just get so depressed and so banged up. I can feel it physically. So I’m not one of those guys who tries to go for. But even I work, um, you know, personal training throughout the week and then on a lot of the weekends I do entertainment at bars and stuff. That’s why I stay up either doing karaoke or music and whatnot. And I ended up staying out til 12 or one and I thought, oh, Tulsa Meal Delivery that’s okay. As long as I do that one time a week, it can hurt me according to mark, Mark Walker on the podcasts.

Not Good. It’s the consistencies. That’s the best thing, you know, like, like two or three episodes. We talked about consistency. Yes. The body really is healthy. Inconsistency in discipline and I love spontaneity and uh, you know, even like nutrition, you want a good range of nutrition in your, in your, in your diet, but you know, it’s uh, I always want to try something I’ve never tried before and that’s when you start to get, you know, caloric, you can’t control what you’re eating macros wise instead of that. So it’s way better to have a discipline macro lined up style of eating and then a discipline style so you know, where you could get o the macros. Yeah, I know Tulsa Meal Delivery.

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I can. I can vouch for the macros macro meals, a tasty tasty macros for sure. So, um, that to me is easy to sleep is the hard part because it’s also like we’re bombarded by our devices. Uh, we’re, you know, we’re a, now you have distractions, the whole, uh, you know, human information at your fingertips till 12 at night and you start on one year, I’m just gonna Watch one youtube video and all of a sudden you’re like three in the morning and you’re wondering if the world is flat or not. It was a really good

article and, and I believe it’s a, the business journal or something like that. It’s, it’s how the smart phone is making you dumb. Yeah. Like the creators, the creators of the smartphone, say they knew it when they created it was going to be addictive. Tulsa Meal Delivery, what’s his name over jobs? These jobs when let his kids play with it as kids or as an employee because it was, it was, I think the average American right now is spending five point four, three hours a day on the freaking social media and then are no two on tv, two, two and a half hours on social media.

It’s starting to flip like it, uh, I think they said five years ago, the average time spent on your phone was under two hours a day and now it’s starting to double, triple. It’s starting to grow exponentially grow. People are spending less time though I think on like, I don’t watch that much TV. I’m on. I’m going to check out youtube and social media a lot more. We just changed one. Yeah, you are skipping and I, I do like, I’m starting to love the memes that are starting to pop up. My uh, uh, somebody. I mean this is, is your business. It is my business. So that’s the hard part too. Like I’m a social media marketer for a lot of lot of people so I’m always checking to see what’s going on and make sure we’re not missing anything. And then all of a sudden, you know, I’m up to you no way late.

Um, you know, being distracted, being distracted. So getting sleep. I am learning to just turn it like a dozen at a time. It will be waiting for me when I get up in the morning. So I don’t have to be in a rush to get, you know, whatever information I’m looking for, but I’m, you know, I am very susceptible to, uh, keep on going, keep on scrolling. Then there was, well, I wanted to find this. I love this. A friend of mine named Dan and Tulsa put up this picture and this medieval, like the vikings going after the, these people here and it says, not a cell phone inside, just people living in the moment. I thought that was funny because it’s all human. All human history. It’s like I saw another picture wherever, like people like you remember before cell phones when everyone was social and it showed a train in the 19 fifties with everyone looking newspaper, newspapers, I think this is just, it’s a human standard. Um, but a lot of things started to break up our sleep before the phone showed up. A unnatural light. Light pollution has been a very big problem. People who take a Melatonin but don’t get away from light pollution, they’re wasting their money on. I mean, that goes back to like the,

what’s it called? The Cycle? Yeah. You’re Zucchini. Tulsa Meal Delivery relocate or the people that worked the night shift and Rudel and it’s not even, it affects so many things like the, they do gain weight because of it,

wait their cortisol levels, cortisol, those super high and all that stuff, stress on the brain is a leading cause of, believe it or not, diabetes, obesity, that it’s all linked. And then on top of that cancer, blah, blah, blah. And then on top of that, Alzheimer’s and some of that really messed up stuff at the end of life stuff. So to me it’s like, um, you know, there’s no way to get through this life unscathed, but you can do your best. And it, it comes down to, it’s hard for me. I’m one of those people who I can’t really live my life for who I’m going to be when I’m 60. Some people can do that. It’s like investing in planning, planning. I’m horrible at that. But I do know how I feel tomorrow if I stay up until midnight instead of going to bed at 8:30. And so I’m living for feeling good tomorrow.

Um, so I try to focus on that every night. I have found like getting into a rhythm of reading to my daughter at eight gets me sleepy, so I’m ready to sleep at 8:30. I put my phone in another room even though to, you know, I, I bring it back in and put it on airplane mode and use it as an alarm clock. I should just get an old school alarm clock. But um, all of that’s a big factor for me. It’s like, you know, weight, keeping the weight off, keeping the stress off and just trying to live the next day a fully functional so I can hit it again.

Have you seen the new um, the new APP on apple for the last ios release? Tulsa Meal Delivery It’s actually the activity.

Yeah. Tells you you ought to be log, which is crazy because the social media so. Tulsa Meal Delivery it was kind of cool about it. It has a like what time setting of what time you go to bed, what time you can set it to. I think we’re like buzzes at you when you, when you want to go to bed and things like that. It’s like, get off the. I have mine setup for social media for a one hour a day. That’s it. Right. And that’s, that’s text, that’s facebook, instagram photos. So it turns it off. Yeah. So there were all an alerts when you’ve, you’ve hit your hour when it blocks it, they grow nice. Graze it out. Now I haven’t really played with it enough. It’s pretty cool. That’s the kind of stuff that they need to and they’re. And they’re seeing this can become a sociological problem if they don’t get on top of it’s, it’s definitely heading that way. I mean, you know, it’s just another thing on our, on our toxic lifestyle in America right now with the food that we’re eating and lack of movement and too much, uh, addiction to technology. But it’s, that’s, that’s, uh, that’s, that’s what it’s about, you know, being a human right. Well, cool man. Well we really appreciate being here today.

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