Tulsa Meal Delivery | The Man and The Myths

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Tulsa Meal Delivery | Why Diets Fail

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of the macro mills podcast and download, Tulsa Meal Delivery or today I’m joined by two special guests. Our Co founder of macro Mills Online Dot Com is Sarah Greens in the house. What’s up Sarah?


one of our longtime friends, the brain, the myth, the legend, Mr Josh, right? Everybody.

What’s up? What’s up? Welcome. Glad to be back. Glad to do that.

Yay. So on today. So what we’re talking about is health. Big Surprise, Huh? Tulsa Meal Delivery how healthy doesn’t equal weight loss. Let me say that again. How healthy does not equal weight loss. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and I think when we discussed this a little bit here, you guys will find out. So what is a, a good statistic that our listening audience could go by here guys?

Well I see that you know, 95 percent of all diets fail and most will regain the weight loss within one to five years. Will, will, will, will, will say that 95 percent, 95 percent. So you know, if I found this amazing, because if anything else had the same fail rate, the industry would be destroyed.

Freud, right, exactly. Nobody.

Forbes says that 90 percent of all small businesses fail in the first year, but people keep on,

keep on doing it. But if I, if I had a product or service that failed me 95 percent of the time, you would not do it. I wouldn’t touch it. I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. But for some reason we can’t get this concept out of our brains have this diet, you know, from especially I think was, you know, very popularized in the 19 eighties, you know, uh, the kind of the Oprah Jane Fonda, Jane Fonda and certain things were fitness. Other things we’d like, you know, if he just changed this diet around. The truth is though, people just don’t stick to it. Ninety five percent of people who go with it fail. So did you. Did you ever do the Jane Fonda tape? I watched. I watched. My mom tried it.

I still got them on. I got them on vhs. I did buns of steel or in junior high I used a beach body for a little bit, you know, Tulsa Meal Delivery

but yeah, for sure if something was 95 percent fail rate, we usually wouldn’t touch it, but we just keep, you know, I just watch TV ad after TV ad to go to the Walmart and see product after product that says weight loss, diet, all that stuff. It still works. It’s still ingrained in our brains that that’s going to be the thing that works in. It doesn’t seem to be,

and I think what most people are chasing is they’re just trying to find the easiest way to achieve their goal. Tulsa Meal Delivery They want somebody to just tell them, this is the number one way, this is how you do it, and that’s what they’ll buy into it every time. That’s what we preach@amacromealsonline.com.

Tulsa is mail delivery service. What were we preaches? This is a sustainable long haul. We are not telling you to not eat carbohydrates. Do lower carbohydrates, helping, assisting in weight loss. Of course they do. But what you’ll find that macro mills online.com, Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service, is that we have a healthy balance of everything. There’s a 30 slash

40 percent proteins, 30 to 40 percent carbs. So yes, you can eat carbohydrates and main maintain a healthy sustainable plan. Sorry, I just have to just get in love with the process. This is kind of a Gary v thing. I don’t know if you guys listen to me, but gary, he’s always talking to people, but who are trying the entrepreneurial route and author. Ultimately they’re always saying, how do I get successful? And he says, you just gotta put your head down and and the grind baby grind it for years before you really achieve what you think you want to achieve. Now, here’s how that relates to how, what what we’re talking about with dieting and food and especially chasing weight loss or a certain weight on the scale is if that is the end all be all. If you’re just looking for that number, but you don’t love the work and you don’t love like learning to train your tongue to love the healthy food, that it’s a trainable thing.

I used to drink nothing but mountain dew and eat nothing but fast food. I was 220 pounds, you know, until the age of 25 time tired all the time. Miserable, depressed, anxious that you had to drink them mountain dew to get wound up. All the stuff that, you know, it says food addiction and obesity. But here’s the deal. Once I trained it took, and I had to be very disciplined about it for a year or two years, but once I, Whoa, everybody says you have to wait 21 days to form a habit. Statistics that show it’s actually longer than 20 peanut thing as an omen side. That’s getting started, right? You’re getting started in 21 days now. Keep going until I, I first time I got in shape and lost, you know, Tulsa Meal Delivery went from 215 pounds to a hundred 55 pounds because I was trying to fight at that weight level.

Um, which are, you know, we can talk about that, that wasn’t super healthy for a lot of reasons, but you know, when I found my health, it definitely taught me how to control what I was eating, but it was the, the, you know, the process, loving how I felt loving how that then all of a sudden I started loving foods that made me feel good. Not Exactly. They were fueled not just how they tasted on my tongue and kind of how my brain got tickled by the sugars. So how does that relate to say it in everyday, you know, say 40 year old, that’s just wanting to get started. I mean,

I know like you can walk into let’s just even take a local bakery, just want to help yourself to a tree and you’re like, oh look, it’s a gluten free or a Paleo friendly option. Tulsa Meal Delivery I’m going to buy that. I’m going to spend another couple of dollars. But in the long run, sometimes those products actually have more calories, more fat because they’re trying to make up for what they’re lacking in other places. So what we perceive as healthy sometimes isn’t always better for us.

Ooh, that’s good. Right? That’s like a good analogy to what we know for a fact that the 1980 study on, on, on a low fat, Tulsa Meal Delivery, was a disaster. We know now that was just a complete disaster. They said pretty much let’s take the fat out, the healthy fats out of products and add sugar to them and we hidden sugar, hidden sugar, and we just blew up as a society, you know, obesity rates and diabetes rates just skyrocketed. So watch for gimmicky stuff, you know, uh, my, one of my favorite food writers as Michael Pollan is good and it’s just eat actual real food.

No, you know, you can achieve that Dude Tulsa’s number one, meal delivery services, macro meals online.com where we provide you with that

per, per gallon. So it’s enjoyable. You get to help get some assistance with developing that pallet that Josh was talking about. That takes so long and sometimes it’s painstaking when you’re trying to go at it alone. So

to have a community and to the community and someone to take care of you, that doesn’t help. Tulsa Meal Delivery I’ve also, you know, I’m a crossfitter still. I’ve seen multiple better when I eat your food, when I, you know, uh, about an hour before I work out, my performance goes up.

So that’s when you’re eating the Tulsa’s, number one meal delivery service, Macro Mills Online, your performance goes up, definitely goes up when you heard it here. First folks. So I want to perform, tells Tulsa’s number one, meal delivery service, backroom mills, online.com.

It’s a perfect time for you to try and see what it feels like to eat a fuel for the body or eat crap for the body. I mean like that’s what it comes down. So you can either have a ton of pleasure for the tongue and the brain or you can have a tone of performance and you can feel great while you’re working out. So

yeah, don’t feel sluggish. Eat micro meals. There you go.

Tulsa’s number one, meal delivery service.

But I, I’m not chasing personally like anymore, like everyone’s. While I want to hit a weight goal and I go for it, but ultimately primarily throughout the year, it’s I want to feel good while while I’m working out, I want to have a good time, I want to feel good emotionally, spiritually, physically, and eating the right food. Does that for you?

Absolutely. Cool. So we’re going to end this podcast here. So just so you guys know, a healthy actually doesn’t mean losing a ton of weight. You have to define that as we’ve talked about in previous podcasts. If you’re out there searching for something, uh, you can inquire in macro meals online.com and say, hey, just somebody wanting to get a hold of you. How would they get ahold of Joe Fries?

Yeah, you can find me on a right fixed media on facebook, instagram, and Youtube. And if you just look up right, fix one word. Media. Tulsa Meal Delivery, I’m out there doing my thing. So.

Cool. And if you’re wanting to find out why macro mills is Tulsa’s number one meal delivery service, go to macro mills online.com. And Sarah, did you have anything else to close?

We will definitely help you reach your goals, provide healthy food along the way, and remember that 95 percent of diets fail, so you might as well just enjoy the process and eat healthy.

Boom. With that, we’ll see you next time guys. Bye. Bye.

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